meta quest pro leaked images and videos

Meta’s new VR headset has been found in the wild. Images and videos of the new Meta Quest Pro VR headset have leaked online a month before its official reveal. It is all thanks to a random person (most likely a Meta employee) leaving the headset in their hotel room.

One hotel employee took the chance and posted the images and an unboxing video of the VR headset on Facebook. The device is identical to the one Meta has been teasing for quite a while. The box even confirms that the headset is the Meta Quest Pro, and a label on the box reads ‘NOT FOR RESALE – ENGINEERING SAMPLE.’ 

It can be seen in the video that multiple Meta Quest Pro headsets packages were left in that hotel room. It was likely that a Meta employee was in the middle of delivering those sample packages to developers and was using that room as temporary storage. Since then, the owner of the boxes has claimed all the packages back.

This leak is very reminiscent of when an Apple employee left an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar. A similar leak also happened just before last year’s Connect event, where tutorial videos showcasing the new headset were leaked.

Meta Quest Pro improvements over the Oculus Quest 2

The video shows a much slimmer VR headset than the Oculus Quest 2. The improvement in size is most likely due to the pancake lenses used in the Meta Quest Pro. Another thing to note is the new controllers that don’t have the tracking ring anymore and use cameras to track movements.

According to a prominent leaker Bradley Lynch, the headset seems to have five external cameras for tracking movements. The camera will also provide a colored AR view that will open up the possibilities for many apps and games.

According to the company, the Meta Quest Pro (Project Cambria) targets remote workers and pro consumers. It will also be priced “significantly” higher than $800. This huge leak comes a month ahead of the headset’s official launch on October 11, 2022, at the Meta Connect event.

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