flash dead adobe
flash dead adobe

flash dead adobeShort Bytes: The latest batch of Flash bug fixes ensured that this year doesn’t end happily for Adobe. With an average 6.1 bug fixes per week, 2015 saw a total of 316 bugs in Adobe Flash plugin.

When it comes to bugs, Adobe Flash beats them all. The year 2015 proved monumentally adverse for this 20-year-old software. It was labelled as the most vulnerable software on Earth multiple times. Just a couple of days ago, nineteen more bugs fixes were released that took the bug count to 316 in 2015 alone.

Doing a simple math tells that Flash needed 6.1 bug fixes per week. Looking more closely, last few months were disastrous for Flash with 113 bugs from mid-October i.e. 1.5 per day.

These security flaws and performance issue have helped Flash earn the tag of ‘curse of the Web’. It wasn’t long ago when Flash was considered a de facto standard for writing web animation, but the recent years hasn’t been too cosy for this plugin.

It should be noted that Flash isn’t some massive software suite. Instead, it’s a small plugin with an insanely high number of open vulnerabilities.

Just last month, Adobe announced that company is going to kill the Flash name and replace it with Animate CC to promote the use of HTML 5.

In other developments, companies like Facebook, Google, Mozilla, YouTube and others acted to make sure that nuisance of Flash doesn’t go any further. Google removed Flash support from ads and Mozilla disabled the Flash plugin by default.


As we usher in the year 2016, the internet has reached a point where you can surf the web freely without missing anything. It’s time to kill Flash and be safer. Ditch it right away. If you’re using Mac, uninstall Flash by visiting this link or for Windows click here.

Images: DC Comics
Flash bug stats: Flashtester.org

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