Google Chrome Introduces New Intelligent Flash Pause, Improves Battery Life

google chrome flash faster
google chrome flash faster


Most of us use Google Chrome for browsing (I wrote this on Chrome). Though it has its perks, it is annoying when that “Aw Snap” dialogue box shows. Most of us, I am sure, can relate to this while using Chrome: you have a bunch of important tabs open, your laptop’s fan start to sound like a rocket taking off, your computer slows to a crawl, and finally it crashes, losing everything.

While Chrome enhances the interface of browsing, its redundant energy use is a let- down in many cases for many users. It consumes a lot of memory, becomes unstable and ultimately crashes, draining the battery life.

So, the good guys of Chrome have been working over this and announced an update of Chrome that can improve the battery life.

This update is all about Adobe Flash – it allows rich content to be shown, but it bridles the battery. So what this intelligent flash pause does is that it pauses content like flash animations that are not central to the webpage, while keeping the central content (like a video playing) without interruption.

This update significantly reduces the power consumption. This plugin also does a good job of blocking Flash Ads apparently.

This update may release in September. Rejoice!

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