16 Futuristic Predictions Made By Microsoft For 2016

microsoft facts surprising
microsoft facts surprising


Short Bytes: Every year we see the rise of new technologies that change the shape of the world. Microsoft has made some futuristic predictions related to the technology world. These predictions range from AI to big data, cryptography to machine learning, and quantum computing to economic predictions.

Microsoft is a company that believes in building innovative things and making the lives of people easier. Redmond also keeps working on futuristic technologies and releases products like HoloLens from time to time and surprises us.

Here is the list of 16 futuristic technological predictions made by Microsoft for 2016. Take a look:

1. Get aware of your health in 2016:

health app

Plethora of Health monitoring mobile apps coming inbuilt with mobile phones will come closer to your heart and veins than you think. These mobile apps will somewhat behave more like your personal assistant monitoring and guiding you always about your sugar level, heart beats, the number of floors you took and how many calories you infused while having nice romantic time last night on the bed. Well, that’s too private but as long as you keep your app private, it’s okay.

2. Health technology will take a big leap:

health monitoring

Let’s relate to the point number one made above. Now if you decide to share your health data with mobile app company, they might be able to devise a conglomerate health plan on what percentage of people are suffering from what kind of diseases. Based on the upcoming trends in unhealthiness of health and more personalized data, the days won’t be too far when they might predict and suggest you the best-flavoured chocolates for a dark dinner based on your personal health behaviour.

3. People will get more aware of data collection:

data collection

As far as you are normal human being you are still on the safer side. You are born unknown and die little known. However, if you think you are soon going to be a known personality in near future, better turn the privacy of your data off. Once they have access to your data, they will be able to predict your future based on the evidence from the past. Looking at these scenarios, it looks like people who have been ignoring the data collection policy for long will get up to take some action against it and it might happen that million-dollar industries which are making billions out of it might have to come up with another secretive plan.

4. Technology will monitor the environment better:

environment monitoring using technology

Annual fight over carbon emissions among developed and developing nations is not going to end sooner. Technology will have to jump in between for betterment of the society and environment. How? Sensors, IOT, smaller chip designs and faster computing will all combine together to sense, learn and predict the futuristic behaviour of the environment. Technology could go as deeper as sensing the amount of Ozone, moisture and even photo-sensitive bacterias in your room.

5. We will talk with the computers:

talking robot

Remember the movie “Her” from 2013 where a man falls in love with a computer? Well, those times are not so far when busy working life will make humans more secluded, the concept of society might just exist in history. To kill the aloofness and wipe away the boredom, we will have technology with us. Like Siri or Cortana, we will have a virtual assistant speaking in opposite gender’s voice. Artificial intelligence and machine learning with more pouring of data might even be able to predict your mood before you even speak up anything. Yes! it’s possible in near future.

6. New Silicon architecture will take off:

In today’s world, every new gadget is being powered by a faster and smarter chip. Thanks to the new Silicon architecture which are making gadgets smaller yet more intelligent. How about fitting just a chip in your car which can predict the amount of stress depending upon the amount of traffic outside and hence, the chances of avoidable accidents.

7. Improved cloud performance:

cloud computing

Everything going to the cloud and every operating system coming up with a cloud drive, cloud will not only be used for storage and servers. In the near future, the concept of joint computing, mobile offloading along with internet of things with kick off and it might happen that the data from the computer games that you play are basically offloaded to the clouds for faster performance.

8. Tablets will become a note-taking device:

note taking tablets

Tablets will outdate the note-taking capacity of pencil and Paper. With new note-taking capacity being introduced every new single day, the follow up comes in terms of capture photos, making graphs over the notes, projection of revenue and even projecting capacity found along with the laser beaming capacity in the upcoming devices.

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9. Virtual assistants are going to be new friends:

smart computers

Siri and Cortana will be more intelligent to feel your loneliness, happiness and even time of exuberance. For ladies, it might be the case that your virtual assistant knows the timeline of your periods and depending upon the same, it can predict your mood swings, late periods because of the previous month stress level while at your office. Yes! it’s all possible. It might also happen that Siri asks you herself to carry an umbrella before you set out on a rainy day.

10. Computers will be more understanding:

computer more understanding

The concept of cached memory, user’s web behaviour, web landing pattern will help your computers to understand your web pattern. Based on the data feed to your computers, your computer might be able to suggest your search results including movies, documentaries, articles etc.

11. China will open it doors to outside world:

Recent news of China blocking Wikipedia, Google and even facebook keep skimming over the internet. Yes, the world when not connected makes a country insular and make the users unaware of what’s happening on the other side of the fence. With it’s doors open, Chinese might be able to explore beyond their localized circles.

12. Talking with computers:

talking with computers

Talking capacity of computers might not only be limited to Cortana and Siri or virtual voice assistant, it might make a cut over to the pure capability of your computer talking to you. Just like talking tom. You open the web and start talking to your computer. Data compression or voice transmission will be faster in the future over 4G and 5G. Text results will become a passe and passer-by and voice results will start suggesting you what to do actually on the next move.

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13. Quantum computing is on its way and computers need more security:

Quantum computing

Quantum computing as much faster than even we expect it to be. The data that is sent over the internet are encrypted and finally, decoded at the user’s end. Middle’man attack, a listener sitting quietly and pessimistically somewhere in between might want to run a deciphering algorithm to see what going on over the internet. Well, we might feel protected but the corporates, security agencies, national defence technology must buckle up to avoid such incidents. Well, you might not know but someone black hat hacker might just want to see your chat or even video call just for fun. We, surely, are dependent on the companies and operating system’s security but pull up your socks to get your hands doped in knowing what you might after a few years on your personal computers.

14. Economic predictions:

economic predictions

We have heard and even watched people from top institutes like MIT and Harvard try to crack the codes in games of Rummy and trying to predict the share market trend. But in positive ways, economists might design an algorithm which will be able to calculate the economic trend of a country based upon the economic trend, gold price, security government bonds, per capita income, GDP etc of a country to predict what is coming their ways.

15. Security will get localized and personalized:

computer security

Gone are the days when security attacks used to happen on organizations. DOS attacks gave birth to DDOS attacks and not personal attacks are even happening on single modularity of computers. For example, a hacker might just be interested in copying the data from your RAM, other might just want to read your Youtube history or Google history or even what documents you print. So, in a nutshell, an attack is not going to happen on whole of your PC but with an insertion of Trojans and viruses, they just sneak into what they are looking for.

16. Low-cost computing going to take off in India:

low cost computing

India’s purchasing capacity is far below than that of US or other European developed nations. India is surely working towards making internet access and accessing device cheaper for most of its population. For example, Aakash tablets, Micromax selling cheaper smartphones on cheaper rates comparatively are enabling more of Indians to surf and access internet. In the coming future, India is going to see a huge rise in internet users.

Did you find these 16 futuristic predictions made by Microsoft for 2016 interesting? Tell your views in the comments below.

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