The Forgotten Genius Nikola Tesla And His 6 Incredible Predictions



The world has been rife with the future predictions and innovations for quite some time. Be it the pioneering space surge, smartphones or AR (HoloLens), everything is coming to reality. Bill Gates predicted some technologies for the future decades as did Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. But, the future as we see now had been predicted almost 90 years before by a genius back then.

Meet Nikola Tesla, an inventor, electrical and a mechanical engineer, a physicist, and a futurist by nature. In an interview given to Collier’s magazine in Jan 30, 1926, Tesla talked some serious business. Born on July 10, 1856, he imagined of flying machines, wireless power transmissions, cell phones and yes, women’s superiority too, over the coming generations.

Let’s take a look over some of the Tesla’s spot on predictions

1) Television and Mobile Phones

A few years after its invention, Nikola Tesla predicted that with wireless technology being perfected some day, witnessing and hearing events all across the globe will be at fingertips. Tesla was particularly interested in the wireless transmission of power and believed it to be the most significant scientific achievement. He explained:

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.

We shall be able to witness and hear events—the inauguration of a President, the playing of a world series game, the havoc of an earthquake or the terror of a battle—just as though we were present.

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When the wireless transmission of power is made commercial, transport and transmission will be revolutionized. Already motion pictures have been transmitted by wireless over a short distance. Later the distance will be illimitable, and by later I mean only a few years hence. Pictures are transmitted over wires—they were telegraphed successfully through the point system thirty years ago. When wireless transmission of power becomes general, these methods will be as crude as is the steam locomotive compared with the electric train.

2) Modern Railways and Flying Machines

Nikola Tesla imagined railways to be revolutionized and airplanes to be super fast. He predicted to reach from New York to Europe in few hours. Well, as of now it is more than few hours. But promise Sir, we are working on it.

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Perhaps the most valuable application of wireless energy will be the propulsion of flying machines, which will carry no fuel and will be free from any limitations of the present airplanes and dirigibles.  We shall ride from New York to Europe in a few hours.  International boundaries will be largely obliterated and a great step will be made toward the unification and harmonious existence of the various races inhabiting the globe. 

3) Modern Day Wi-Fi and Other Wireless Powered Devices

Tesla believed Wireless power transmission is the future and the next gen machines will be advanced and power efficient.

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Present wireless receiving apparatus will be scrapped for much simpler machines; static and all forms of interference will be eliminated, so that innumerable transmitters and receivers may be operated without interference. It is more than probable that the household’s daily newspaper will be printed ‘wirelessly’ in the home during the night. Domestic management—the problems of heat, light and household mechanics—will be freed from all labor through beneficent wireless power.

4) Genetics and Human Perfection

Much like seen in the sci-fi movies, best of the species are screened and selected to bring a start to a new and stronger race. Although, not that severe in supporting Darwin, but Tesla definitely made some points regarding perfecting the Human Race.

As of now, Humans have not started practicing this theory but the advancements in the technology surely grade the Homo Sapiens of the 21st century better protected by diseases and other threats. So, no perfections biologically but still….

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Imagination falters at the prospect of human analogy to this mysterious and superbly dedicated civilization of the bee; but when we consider how the human instinct for race perpetuation dominates life in its normal and exaggerated and perverse manifestations, there is ironic justice in the possibility that this instinct, with the continuing intellectual advance of women, may be finally expressed after the manner of the bee, though it will take centuries to break down the habits and customs of peoples that bar the way to such a simply and scientifically ordered civilization.

We have seen a beginning of this in the United States. In Wisconsin, the sterilization of confirmed criminals and pre-marriage examination of males is required by law, while the doctrine of eugenics is now boldly preached where a few decades ago its advocacy was a statutory offense.

Old men have dreamed dreams and young men have seen visions from the beginning of time. We of today can only sit and wonder when a scientist has his say.

5) Female Superiority

Nikola Tesla predicted women to be empowered and socially superior to man. He imagined women to acknowledge themselves and do what’s right for them.

This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior.  The modern woman, who anticipates in merely superficial phenomena the advancement of her sex, is but a surface symptom of something deeper and more potent fermenting in the bosom of the race.

It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority but in the awakening of the intellect of women.

Through countless generations, from the very beginning, the social subservience of women resulted naturally in the partial atrophy or at least the hereditary suspension of mental qualities which we now know the female sex to be endowed with no less than men.

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6) Tapping of Volcanoes’ Energy

That sounded preposterous at that time, but of now there have been some advancements to utilize a mere fraction of the power that these fire spitting landforms have.

Tesla was a technological genius and a brilliant philosopher of his time. As intuitive as he was, he foresaw the world as we see now.

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