Play Google’s ‘Game Of The Year’ To Test Your Knowledge In 2018

google game of the year

The year is almost over and like any other year, 2018 had its fair share of interesting events. So if you think you are well-informed and have a pretty good memory, Google has an interesting game for you.

Google’s Game of the Year features a series of 20 multiple-choice questions about the Google searches that trended this year. This game is based on how much you remember about 2018 and you need to answer a bunch of questions related to search topics.

For example, which was the most searched term? Yanny or Laurel. Those who remember the whole Yanny/Laurel audio clip will know how difficult it is to guess the right answer.

Other questions included The Kiki Challenge, World Cup, Bongo cat meme, Paddington bear, Pokemon Go, etc.

As you make progress through the questions, they get increasingly difficult. I personally scored 158 before Google deemed that I didn’t know enough. Few of the answers were pretty surprising and new to me.


If you feel pretty confident, do try the game and challenge your friends too. Don’t forget to let us know your top score in the comments below. Also, share your favorite topic on the internet in 2018.

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