Chinese Invent 500-Megapixel AI-Enabled Cloud Camera For Surveillance

Chinese 500 MP cloud camera

China is already home to the world’s most efficient facial recognition system. Now, a new device has been added to their arsenal by Chinese scientists. They have invented an AI-enabled 500 megapixel cloud camera which is capable of capturing panoramic photos with highly detailed human faces in a stadium packed with thousands of people.  It can also generate facial data for the cloud. The device is powerful enough to spot an individual amongst thousands using the integrated facial recognition system within no time.

The camera has been developed by scientists hailing from Shanghai-based Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Changchun.

According to a report by the China News Service, the 500-megapixel cloud camera can capture highly detailed images. The camera is integrated with cloud computing technology, AI, real-time monitoring and facial recognition system for capturing specific targets in a jiffy.

The team behind the camera has also developed two special chips that enable the camera to record videos in the same ultra-high resolution. The videos and photos and videos captured by the 500-megapixel camera can be uploaded to a cloud data center and the data could be obtained easily from anywhere in the world.

The camera has received a mixed response from Chinese experts. Some lauded the invention for its application in fields like military, defense and national security while others criticized the device for privacy concerns.

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