DIY YouTuber Builds An Amazing Propeller Fan Motorcycle

rotor-powered motorcycle professor pardal

YouTube is a treasure trove of DIY content, out of which a certain percentage walks the line between interesting and bizarre. In this article, we look at an old motorcycle modded with a fan-powered engine, which fits the description.

The outrageously talented YouTuber, Professor Pardal, is back at it again. Besides innovating a standard tricycle to run on a steam engine, the Brazilian has also managed to run a motorcycle using a fan propeller attached to the front.

Adding to that, the two-wheeler can be modded to wade across waters, too. We know it sounds hard to believe a motorcycle could be tweaked like that, so here’s a video.

More about Professor Pardal’s mesmerizing motorcycle

Pardal’s unique creation is unlike anything we’ve seen before. By the looks of it, it’s like an aircraft had a baby with a motorcycle. Its functioning relies on the unlikely combo of a propeller fan and a motorcycle engine. Interestingly, by attaching four empty drums to it, Pardal has also managed to run it on water.

As we can see in the video above, Professor Pardal apparently took out the motorcycle’s engine and put it at the front instead of the headlight. He then fixed a wooden fan on the engine to help the vehicle move forward.


Moreover, the process seems quite familiar to using conventional motorcycles as the same handlebar controls are used. Further, we see Pardal demonstrating the power of the fan propeller by using an umbrella and, later, a parachute.

However, riding this one does seem somewhat risky as, in the video, the creator himself is seen fastening himself to the seat before using the vehicle. Regardless, it’s a creative take on modern-day motorcycles that works considerably well.

Would you want to ride this propeller fan-powered motorcycle? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out some other outlandish two-wheelers.

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