This Brazilian YouTuber Built A Steam-Powered Tricycle From Scraps

This tricycle can run on its own!

professor pardal steam-powered tricycle
Image: YouTube / Professor Pardal Brasil

The only thing an inventor is truly limited by is his own imagination. This statement seems true looking at the various machines YouTuber “Professor Pardal Brasil” has built by using spare parts. One of his most ingenious works is the steam-powered tricycle that moves without pedaling.

With the front of a motorcycle, the seat of a car, and a steam engine at the rear, this hybrid vehicle couldn’t look any weirder. On top of that, it also makes a rather funny sound as it runs. However, despite these unusual attributes, it is still a unique vehicle good enough for covering short distances.

For onlookers, Professor Pardal’s tricycle is an incredible sight and a testament to his skill as an inventor. Here’s a video showing how the tricycle works and its other creative uses.

The technology behind the steam-powered tricycle

Pardal’s tricycle uses the principles of a steam engine to power itself. The vehicle’s working is based on converting the force generated by steam pressure into locomotion using certain mechanical components such as a piston.

As shown in his video below, the Brazilian inventor first pours a generous amount of water into the pipe coming out from the barrel on the tricycle’s back. Then, he collects small wooden sticks in the barrel-shaped container and lights them on fire as they sit right under the water tank. Soon, the water starts to boil and produces steam.

Eventually, the steam builds up pressure and powers the piston. This, in turn, moves the crank, and ultimately the wheel is set in motion. The tricycle can run as long as there is enough water and wood to keep the gears functioning.

Interestingly, the YouTuber also shows how you could use the barrel as a makeshift barbecue spot. He partakes in this leisurely activity while waiting for the water to boil and the steam to build up in the tank.

Apart from the steam-powered tricycle, Pardal has also built a rotor-powered motorcycle, a car with two front halves, and many more fascinating things. You can watch these creations on his YouTube channel. Moving on from tricycles, make sure to also check out the most unique bicycle designs in the world.

Priye Rai

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