5 Unique Bicycles That I Bet You Didn’t Know About

These peculiar rides are innovative, to say the least.

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Image: YouTube / aeyoskating

The bicycle is usually the first vehicle that you learn to use early on in life. From kids to adults, a diverse demographic rides these two-wheelers — a trait that distinguishes it from others in the category. Moreover, at present, bicycles have become vital as they are one of the few traditional means of transport that don’t cause pollution.

Just as in the case of other vehicles, bicycles have improved and evolved over the years. Many engineers have even come up with their own unique interpretations of what a bicycle can be. These innovative takes range from a bicycle that runs on water to one that looks and works like a treadmill.

The wondrous bikes on this list are probably nothing like what you may have seen before. To put it simply, they are the peak of innovation and imagination. Here’s a compilation showing these one-of-a-kind rides in action.

The 5 most incredible bikes in the world

1. Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1

manta5 hydrofoiler xe-1
Image: Manta5

A standout on the list, the Hydrofoiler XE-1 is an electric bicycle that runs on water. Using the same technology as sailboats, this bike can touch speeds of 21kmph or 13mph. It is suitable for riders of different fitness levels and offers 7 different electric assist modes that ensure a smooth experience.

The hydrofoil bike can stay afloat for 4 hours on a single charge and can carry a biker weighing under 100kgs. Also, it is available for purchase at a price of $8,990.

2. Lopifit

Image: lopifitus.com

Sure, cycling is a great way to burn calories, but what if you could swap out pedaling for walking instead? That seems to be the basic idea behind Lopifit, a bike that marries a bicycle with a treadmill. It is an electric vehicle that sports a treadmill and offers a journey in the range of 30-50mi or 48.28-80.46km per charge.

The rider can choose the speed at which the treadmill operates, starting from 3 to 20mph (4.8 to 32.18kmph). For those interested, it is up for sale with a price tag of $2,695.

3. AeYO

Image: YouTube / aeyoskating

AeYO is a bicycle and a pair of rollerblades fused into one coherent unit. While it features a front handle and wheel of a bicycle, its rear is noticeably unique and involves the rider skating his way forward using the attached rollerblades. This bike lets you have the freedom of rollerskating along with the safety and control of a bicycle.

An interesting highlight of the bicycle is its portability. Since it doesn’t have a fixed rear wheel like traditional bikes, it can fold its rollerblade legs to save space. Although we found no official price stated up-front on its website, certain reports quote a price of around $500-$615.

4. Rowbike

Image: RowBike

The Rowbike is a vehicle designed to help you work more effectively on your fitness. As a result, it’s considered to be more of a workout machine than a means of transport. It applies the boat-rowing action to a bike and, hence, maximizes physical exertion.

According to its makers, it is an optimal ride for a total body workout, which is important for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Currently, different variants are available in the price range of $1,495-$2,495.

5. Me-Mover

Image: YouTube / Me-Mover

Yet another bicycle focused on helping riders exercise, Me-Mover is suitable for those who want to stay in shape. It is a bike powered by a step machine, which helps the rider burn calories and build muscle. This happens without straining the joints, which is not an uncommon complaint among long-distance cyclists.

There’s another variant of Me-Mover called Me-Mover FIT, which enables you to use the bike both indoors and outdoors. While the standard variant costs $2,590, the FIT model is available for $1,990.

Out of these, which bicycle would you like to ride? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out another product of ingenious engineering, foldable houses.

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