watchOS 9 Finally Unveiled At WWDC 2022: Here are all the Features

watchOS 9
Image Credit: Apple

At WWDC 2022 event, Apple finally introduced some fresh updates to the new WatchOS 9. It comes with more watch faces, personalization options, health tracker updates, and much more.

We will be briefly discussing these updates which have been introduced by the company at the WWDC2022 event.

WatchOS 9 Updates: What new you will be getting?

Watch faces is one of the best ways to personalize your smartwatch. watchOS 9 has introduced four new faces: Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy.

The lunar calendar is one of the most common calendars used by people of varied cultures across the globe, which makes it an exciting prospect for users. The other three watch faces also have something unique and exciting to offer to the users.

Workout metrics are one of the essential reasons users buy a smartwatch. Apple, in the watchOS 9 update, has introduced heart rate zones that users can manually create.

Besides this, the watch comes with a Custom Workout feature that will assist the users in creating personalized training routines.

For fitness freaks who want to gain insight into their running metrics, WatchOS 9 has the latest running metrics like Ground Contact Time and Stride length. You can frequently monitor your running performance and observe your running pattern with the latest updates in WatchOS 9.

Apple has also introduced some useful updates for swimmers. The watch has a Kickboard detection feature that can detect when the swimmers are swimming with a kickboard.

It will classify the stroke type and provide a detailed summary of your performance. In the detailed summary, swimmers can view their SWOLF average in each performed set.

Handy sleep insights can also be accessed, thanks to the latest updates introduced in Apple watchOS 9. The introduction of sleep stage features will help the users to detect when they are in REM, core, and deep sleep. Users can access the sleep data directly on the app.

Image Credit: Apple

One of the standout features introduced in the watchOS 9 is the AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) history feature that can help users to access information about how frequently the heart shows signs of AFib.

The next useful update introduced in this update is the enhancement in medication tracking. Users can create medication lists, set up schedules, reminders, and access vital medication-related information. Also, you can create a custom medication schedule based on your suitability.

Some other watchOS 9 updates are Quick Actions that will help users to perform multiple functions with pinch gestures. A cardio Recovery feature is also added that can help users to track their cardiovascular health frequently.

So, these were some of the major updates Apple brings to WatchOS 9. Stay connected with us to know about the other updates.

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