Samsung Fixed A Major Problem In Flip Series With The Z Flip4

Jerryrigeverything Galaxy Flip 4 (1)

Samsung is the only manufacturer that comes to our minds When we talk foldables. The Korean smartphone giant has lately been hitting it out of the park with its Fold and Flip series of devices, especially with the latter, which is already one of the most popular phones in the world.

One of the reasons why people have refrained from buying foldable is because they’re far less durable, hard to repair, and hard to source parts for than a typical smartphone. However, Samsung might’ve at long last settled this problem with its latest foldable, the Z Flip4.

Yes! The Z Flip4 is the most durable and repairable Flip yet

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Is Doing Good, But Not As Good As Fold3
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Zack Nelson from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel performed a teardown of the Galaxy Z Flip4 yesterday, in which he disassembled and reassembled the device without breaking anything, which was not the case with the previous Flip series devices that he tore down (Except the Flip3)

For starters, getting the display off without breaking it was impossible in the previous Flip versions, but that changed with the Z Flip3 and has improved in Flip4.

The rubber used around the perimeter of the phone is still present, and it’s used to absorb the impact when folding the device shut. The display removal was a breeze, at least it looked like it (because that’s Jerry for you), and with some heat and suction, the back glass also came out pretty easily.

After removing a few internal components, the display is freed from the shackles of the motherboard, and by the end of the video, it holds up well, thanks to the metal plate below the display preventing puncturing the AMOLED below. Now, another appealing thing about the phone is the charging port is separate from the motherboard and hence can be easily replaced without replacing the entire board, which is super nice.

Are Foldables still not ready?

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should buy a foldable next. Samsung still shows lots of warnings both on the stickers when you take the device out of the box and when you boot it. Despite Samsung using a durable folding “glass” this time around, the display is still scratchable with just bare fingernails. Not to mention, the Z Fold4 screen didn’t make it during the teardown, unfortunately.

Have Foldables gotten better? Sure! Are they, on paper, more durable than a regular phone? Probably not. Foldables are still uncommon, and so are their parts. Replacement foldable displays still cost more than half of the device’s price. But the good news is we’re slowly but surely getting close to having the ultimate foldable experience.

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