Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Get 10-Year Support

ubuntu 18.04 lts

At the OpenStack Summit in Berlin last week, the Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth made an announcement that would surely please developers and Linux users who rely heavily on Ubuntu for their daily chores.

Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver would be supported for one decade. Usually, the LTS Ubuntu releases enjoy a 5-year support and updates. “I’m delighted to announce that Ubuntu 18.04 will be supported for a full 10 years,” he said.

That’s not it. Canonical is also looking to extend its support for Ubuntu 16.04; its support is due to end in April 2021.

This development comes in the wake of the recent acquisition of Red Hat by IBM. It seems that Canonical is also making efforts to make sure that it reaffirms the notion that Ubuntu is the best enterprise customers can get. It’s also worth noting that Canonical makes its most of the money from cloud and server customers.

Shuttleworth also supported this by saying that this decision is partly because of the fact that many industries like communications, finance, IoT, etc., have a “very long time horizons.”

He also added that Ubuntu is “neutral on the public cloud” and wants to become the best operating system on “Azure for Azure, AWS for AWS, and so on.”

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