Trash Dove: Here’s Why The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Purple Bird

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Short Bytes: Trash Dove has taken over the internet. After Thailand, this Facebook sticker of a headbanging purple bird can be seen in many Facebook comment threads. While the real reason behind its explosive popularity remains a mystery, it can be attributed to a popular Thai page that featured it alongside a dancing cat.

If you enjoy reading comments on popular Facebook pages, you must have seen a purple bird GIF sticker in the comments. It’s a new sticker that was recently added by the social media website and it has become very popular in a short span of time. These purples birds are called Trash Dove.

What is Trash Dove? What’s the story behind them?

Trash Dove was created by artist Syd Weiler. Back in September, she submitted her drawings to Apple iOS 10 sticker store for consideration. After it was included in Facebook’s sticker store, the popularity of Trash Doves exploded in Thailand.

In Thailand, the Thai word for bird is nok, which also means a person who is suffering from unrequited love or who is hopelessly single and alone, according to Daily Dot.

Another reason–which seems like the right one to me–behind the rise of Trash Dove meme was a mashup of a head-banging Trash Dove and an animated cat. In the end of the video, things take an adult turn.

What inspired Syd Weiler to create Trash Dove?

Weiler says that she got the sticker idea in Minneapolis. “I was sitting by a pond … and there were just pigeons everywhere. I had never thought about pigeons before. They’re funny little birds. They have really shiny, colorful, almost rainbow-y feathers, but then they bob around and waddle and beg for food. They’re like doves but they eat trash,” according to Mashable.

Well, currently the Facebook users are using the meme without a break in the comment section. Here’s an instance from our own Facebook page:

So, are you finding Trash Dove stickers amusing? Don’t forget to share your views and feedback.

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