Tesla Isn’t Doing It So Can You Make A 7-Seater Model Y On Your Own?

Model Y 7 Seater

Is it possible to make a 7-seater Tesla Model Y on your own? The answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

Erik Strait, who owns the Youtube Channel DÆrik, recently uploaded a video in his he tried turning his 5-seater Model Y into a 7-seater one.

He tried several different kinds of car seats to turn them into a 3rd-row for Model Y and he almost succeeded but not without some downfalls.

Here’s what you need to know.

Will You Make Your Tesla Model Y A 7-Seater?

At first, Erik removed the floor panels from the Model Y boot in order to make some room for the seats. However, before putting the seats down, he tried sitting in the boot space by himself.

When the boot door went down, Erik was able to sit down quite easily.

Then he decided to put the seats of a Model X inside the boot of his Model Y. These seats did fit but presented two minor issues.

The first one was the lack of headspace. Although the Model Y is a spacious vehicle, it isn’t possible for the third-row passengers to see sideways.

The glass window did remove a sense of claustrophobia, according to Erik, but the seating still looked a bit cramped.

The second issue was the lack of a crumple zone. Erik and his friends, while sitting at the back of Model Y, had put their legs in the rear crumple zone.

They did so because that’s the only legroom available with the current Model Y dimensions.

Erik did see the third row of the Tesla Model Y back when it was first revealed. The seat in that electric vehicle had no headrest and the legroom was also very minimal.

The prototype Model Y had front-facing seats, the only reason Erik was installing seats that were facing the rear end was to utilize the legroom provided by the rear underfloor storage space.

In the end, Erik did try placing racing seats from his Model 3 into the Model Y boot space. But it didn’t fit in any position.

However, it is pretty cozy to sit at the back of the Model Y without any seats, as the boot is pretty spacious. With seats, however, it’s a whole other story, at least in the currently available Model Y.

How Can There Be A Third Row In Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y started reaching owners last month in March 2020. However, only two variants of the electric car including the “Performance” and “Long Range” were available.

A 7-seater option along with the standard variant of the Model Y has been scheduled for next year. There is no information on whether the current Coronavirus pandemic has stretched that timeline or not.

Nonetheless, a 7-seater Tesla Model Y is on its way. Tesla will redesign the rear end by making it longer or wider to easily accommodate full-sized adults.

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