Now Google Speaks Emoji, Tweet @Google To Get Search Results


Short Bytes: Google has incorporated another fun-filled feature in its search. Now one can tweet an emoji @Google and get local search results. It looks like Google’s doing so to promote local businesses in its search. Also, to use this feature, one must enable the location services.

You might be knowing about many Google search tricks that make the job easier. From time to time, Google updates its array and adds new features.

This time, Google search has decided to speak emoji.  It can now read and recognize emoji if you tweet at it. You only need to tweet some emoji @Google, the company’s official Twitter account. @Google will reply with a cool GIF, accompanied by a link to local search results.

Google has also shared an example in its tweet that features a burger emoji. The local results shown are of burger outlets.

It looks like Google has built interactions with more than 200 different emoji, covering local activities, food, etc. As suggested by the #KnowNearBy hashtag, this initiative is a part of Google’s effort to promote local search results.

You can get weather reports after tweeting an umbrella emoji, know about nearby Christmas tree sellers and a lot more other stuff.

Note: Location services must be enabled to use this emoji search feature.

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