iPhone 14 Could Get A Better Selfie Camera, Faster Lightning Port, No Type-C

iPhone 14 Could Get A Better Selfie Camera, Faster Lightning Port, But No Type-C
Image: Apple

New iPhone predictions are in and they all point towards noticeable improvements in the upcoming iPhone 14. The new lineup of the iPhone 14 could have an improved selfie camera with autofocus and a lower aperture. Other exciting upgrades could be a faster lightning port and removing the eye-gouging notch design.

iPhone 14 could sport an improved selfie camera

iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is never wrong. His predictions become a reality almost every time. Yesterday, he predicted on his Twitter handle about the new iPhone 14 lineup upgrading the older selfie camera. iPhone has had a non-autofocus selfie camera since time immemorial. It captures enticing selfies though! But having auto-focus in the selfie camera could be a game-changer.

iPhone 13 has an f/2.2 aperture selfie camera with no autofocus. Going by the Ming-Chi Kuo predictions on Twitter, the new iPhone 14 could have an f/1.9 aperture selfie camera with autofocus. Make note that the smaller the aperture is, the more light can pass through the lens. It would mean better low-light camera capabilities.

Bringing autofocus would do a greater good as the camera would focus on you, and not the surroundings. Samsung phones have had auto-focus selfie cameras for quite some time now. But other smartphone manufacturers don’t seem too ambitious about the selfie camera.

iPhone 14 case schematics
Image: Weibo

New Notch Design

Apple will supposedly shed the obnoxious notch design for a less noticeable one. As far as leaked renders are concerned, the new notch could have a hole punch and pill-shaped design. Only Apple could be capable of crafting something so complex and difficult to imitate. The new notch designs would take up less space but need to be big enough for Face ID to work on iPhone 14.

No USB Type-C port

With the announcement of the new iPhone 14, the expectations about including a USB Type-C port instead of the lightning port were high. But LeaksApplePro quashed the expectations in a blog post. He explained the reason why it was impossible for Apple to include the USB Type-C port in future iPhones.

One prominent reason is that Apple is eyeing a portless iPhone version that doesn’t need cables. Including USB Type-C would be taking a step back in that direction (as per Apple). Apple is working on leveraging MagSafe to transfer data across Apple devices and building the portless iPhone.

There are chances of including USB 3.0 data transfers speeds using the lightning cable on newer iPhones. But you have to wait a few months to confirm that. Also, Apple iPhone 14 will no longer have the iPhone Mini in its lineup.

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