Tim Cook Urges Tech Companies To Avoid Collecting User Data

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has time and again advocated strict laws to prevent misuse of user data by companies. The Cupertino giant takes pride in introducing itself as a company that doesn’t treat its customers as a product.

The Cupertino giant skipped CES 2019, but it made a strong statement nonetheless by hanging a billboard stating, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

In an essay published in Time Magazine, Tim Cook has once again urged companies to avoid collecting user data.

He urged the Federal Trade Commission to pass comprehensive federal privacy legislation that would keep a check on what he calls “data broker” companies. Such companies have the sole motive of collecting users’ data, packaging it and selling it to another buyer, according to Tim Cook.

Cook’s letter reiterated the points he mentioned in a privacy conference held in Brussels. He believes that the legislation will challenge companies to strip identifying information from customers and companies should also “avoid collecting it in the first place.”

Apple CEO has also urged companies to make it easy for users to “access, correct and delete” their data. He calls on FTC to set up a “data-broker clearinghouse” — a centralized facility where “data-brokers” will be required to register themselves. The facility would also provide tools using which users can track their data and delete it if they want to.

Taking a dig at the recent scandals involving Facebook and Google, Cook said, “In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy—yours, mine, all of ours. Consumers shouldn’t have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives. ”

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