M2 iPad Pro Launched: 4 Things That Make The 6th Gen iPad Pro Better

M2 iPad Pro

Apple refreshed the 2021 iPad Pro with a new processor and some other changes. These changes contribute to the pushing use-case of iPad Pro as a turbocharged tablet that doubles up as a laptop for creators. This year’s refresh isn’t distinguishable like the changes done to the iPad 10th generation. The upgrades focus more on boosting the raw performance using the new M2 chip and complementing it with the features of iOS 16.

M2 iPad Pro: What’s new?

Here are the following changes bundled with the new M2 iPad Pro.

  1. M2 chip: The M2 iPad Pro obviously sports the new M2 processor, which is used in MacBooks. Apple continues the tradition of making the iPad Pro and MacBook Air almost identical in specs. With an M2 inside the iPad Pro, you can do pretty much everything without experiencing lag. The processor provides a 50 % boost for memory bandwidth and is overall 15% faster than the M1 iPad released last year. In a nutshell, the multitasking experience will become more seamless, all thanks to the new processor.
  2. New iPadOS features: M2 iPad Pro can leverage the iPadOS 16.1 features to offer both a laptop and a tablet experience. It features a USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt 4.1 support that users can use to connect to an external display. However, Apple fine-tuned the Stage Manager to let users experience a robust level of multitasking experience. Users can now switch between up to 8 apps simultaneously. The performance may take some hit, but we expect that the M2 chip won’t struggle much.
  3. Apple Pencil hover: With M2 iPad Pro, you get support for the new hover feature in the Apple Pencil. The new iPad Pro supports 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, and Apple says hover lets users “see a preview of their mark before they make it.” It detects the Apple Pencil when it is 12mm above the display and adjusts the interface accordingly. So, it can automatically expand text fields when the pencil gets near the screen, making the Scribble experience better.
  4. WiFi 6E: The last-gen M1 iPad Pro had Wi-Fi 6, and this one gets Wi-Fi 6E and more bands on the 5G connectivity. You also get a physical sim card tray and won’t have to migrate to e-sim to use the cellular connectivity on the new iPad.
M2 iPad Pro
Image: Apple

These were the most noticeable changes to the M2 iPad Pro. Apart from the M2 chip, Wi-Fi 6E, and Apple Pencil hover, nothing else is super exciting about the product. The performance difference between M1 and M2 chips isn’t that staggering, making it less exciting for M1 iPad Pro users to upgrade to the new one.

But you can use this opportunity to grab the M1 iPad Pro at a good discount. The older generation tech’s value of Apple products takes a hit when the new version launches. So, you can get a better discount on a perfectly capable iPad with an M1 chip.

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