Motorola Razr Could Be Revived As A $1,500 Folding Smartphone


The iconic Motorola Razr might be making a comeback in February as an expensive $1,500 foldable screen smartphone.

According to a WSJ report, Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, is teaming up with Verizon to launch the device in the U.S. However, the device is still in testing phase and details are yet to be finalized.

Last year, Motorola patented a device that folds inwards just like Samsung’s purported folding phone — Galaxy F. Moreover, Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanquig also mentioned that the Razr brand could be revived. Altogether, they hint towards the same fact.

However, this won’t be the first time when Motorola has tried to cash on the legendary brand name. In 2011, the company released Droid Razr with Verizon.

In my opinion, the foldable Motorola Razr might not turn out as successful as the original one owing to various reasons.

Firstly, the Moto Razr was known for its slim body but we doubt that any other manufacturer apart from Samsung can bring a truly slim foldable phone at present.

I mean you do remember the $1,300 Royole FlexPai, right? — the world’s first foldable screen smartphone which is neither cheap nor good looking.

Even if Motorola manages to come up with a decent flexible screen, how many of you would actually be willing to buy one for $1,500?

Anyway, now that the idea is out there, I’m curious to know what a new Razr with a folding screen would look like, but I wouldn’t get my hopes too high.

What do you think of it? Leave your comments below!

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