Three Major Changes Coming To Tesla Cybertruck Aren’t What You Think

Tesla Cybertruck Changes Electric Vehicle

Some major changes are coming for the Tesla Cybertruck, but they’re not what you think. Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most unique electric vehicles of our generation. While most cars and trucks look really futuristic in their prototype version. They turn out to be a regularly designed vehicle when their production begins. Such is not the case with the Tesla Cybertruck. It was revealed 9 months ago, with an outlandish design which will definitely go into production next year in 2021.

But before that happens, the Tesla Cybertruck will have to make some very important changes. You might think that these changes involve a redesign of the truck to make it more “tame” but you’d be wrong. The changes we’re talking about today are concerned with the accessories and the addition of important parts to the Tesla Cybertruck to make it in line with the United States pedestrian safety laws.

Tailosive EV made an entire video around this subject, so let’s hear him out.

Tesla Cybertruck Major Changes Incoming

1. Side View Mirrors

The first and most obvious change to the Tesla Cybertruck will be the addition of the side view mirrors. “For legal reasons in the United States at least, you cannot deliver a car to consumers without side mirrors,” said Tailosive EV in his video. He also mentioned that Tesla wants people to make use of the blind spot cameras which the company provides. In other Tesla cars, including the Model 3, Model Y and Model S, owners can look at the back of the car and also sideways at the same time.

Furthermore, the Cybertruck also comes with a rearview camera which allows you to look at the rear of the truck. These cameras are important because the way that the Cybertruck is designed it’d make normal mirrors useless. These awesome rearview cameras can stay in the production model as there is no law against them. But the Tesla Cybertruck is required to have some sort of side view mirrors into which the driver can look into and see behind them, such is the law.

Tesla Cybertruck Changes Side View Mirrors

The YouTuber also mentioned that the Tesla Semi was also seen without side-view mirrors during its unveiling but was recently spotted with those mirrors during on-road testing. Nowadays some cars in European Union do have side-view cameras that display the traffic from behind but the output that they display is still on a screen that’s placed on the side of the steering wheel at a similar position.

Looking at the side view mirrors while exiting a highway, taking a turn, or doing anything else is muscle memory at this point for drivers around the world. Therefore these mirrors need to be installed.

2. Steering Wheel

The next major change to the Tesla Cybertruck would replace the steering wheel. The futuristic-looking steering on the Tesla Cybertruck, which is also seen on the Tesla Roadster prototype, does not comply with pedestrian safety laws. In its current form, the Tesla Cybertruck is curvy and sort of rectangular in shape. However, in the production model, it will need to have a circular shape.

Tesla Cybertruck Changes Steering Wheel

The Cybertruck has been designed with a certain theme in mind. The electric truck needs to be pointy and sharp. A rounded steering wheel will look out of place but it will need to be installed as the Youtuber mentioned. Modern flat-bottom steering wheels have become common in several sports cars and trucks. The steering wheel from a McLaren 720S looks pretty cool in my opinion despite being round.

3. Windscreen Wipers

The final change to the Tesla Cybertruck will most likely be the addition of windscreen wipers. Up until this point we haven’t seen wiper blades on the windshield of the Cybertruck electric vehicle. Obviously this is an important part and will need to be added to the truck before it can go on sale.

Tesla Cybertruck Changes Windshield Wipers

The Youtuber mentioned that Tesla does have some sort of patent for improving the wiper blades in the Cybertruck because anything ordinary on this electric vehicle will look out of place.

These are the major changes coming for the Tesla Cybertruck. It will retain its iconic design (thank god!) and will be production ready in a form not too different from its current one. What do you guys think about these changes to the Tesla Cybertruck? Let me know in the comments below.

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