This Real-Time Cyber-Attack Map Shows the Truth of Global Cyber War

norse map cyber attack
norse map cyber attack

This real-time global cyber attack map is trending in the social media since couple of days. Colorful lasers depict the attacks that are currently occurring across the world, making the real-time map pretty dazzling. The map shows a huge amount of cyber attacks being carried out between China and America.

Created by Norse, it is an effective way to detect the malware attacks on the real system beforehand. Norse is an attack intelligence firm that detects, blocks, and even tracks the threats and check out the hidden breaches all around the globe. They, then alert their customers to block the tracked IPs that are trying wage the cyber attacks.

Norse’s vice president said that the attacks that are seen on the maps are actually the attacks on Norse’s infrastructure. Norse has the world’s largest cyber attack database, with 8 million sensors deployed across 47 countries throughout the world. So, basically Norse opens itself up for the attacks, detects the IP, do its thing and ultimately safeguards the user.

The interesting point that is to be noted as Jeff Harrell says

This is also far less than 1 percent of the data we receive at any given time.  Essentially, your browser would freeze if Norse tried to show everything
This means that the visuals people are getting everywhere are just a fraction of the actual attacks that are being carried out.

Norse is a global firm that provides security to big financial institutions and high-tech companies. The company also has a deal with various government agencies including a $1.9 million contract with Department of Energy.

Norse is better than most other threat intelligence firms as it can track more than 200,000 tor exit nodes and calculates more than 1,500 actuarial  variables to generate a risk score for every IP address and does that for more than 1 million IPs ever day. Impressive.

Here is a gif that I made today, to give you a live experience of the attacks:

Check out the real-time cyber attack map at Norse Corp.

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