This Flaw Lets Hackers Completely Control Any Android Phone With Single Click

android hack phone
android hack phone

android-malware-RCSAndroidShort Bytes: A new discovery at the PacSec Conference at Tokyo unveiled a great threat prevailing in the Android OS that hands over all your valuable data and full control of your device to the hackers with just a click. Read more to know about this vulnerability in detail.

Security researchers have discovered a flaw that affects all version of Android OS. This weakness allows an attacker to take the complete control of your phone as soon as you click on a malicious link leading to the attacker’s website.

The flaw came into light at the PacSec Conference at Tokyo, kudos to Guang Gong who discovered it, from security software vendor Quihoo 360 at the MobilePwn2Own. Furthermore, this flaw becomes more critical as it also involves manipulation of the V8 JavaScript engine. Although the details were not exposed, but, it took Gong three months of hard work ahead of the competition and eventually, won him a trip to the ConSecWest security conference to be held next year.

This sort of flaw in an OS is not a new thing, however, in this case, just a single malicious link can hand over the full control of your device to a hacker, which is the dreadful part.

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According to The Register, the conference was also attended by one of the members of the Google’s security team and hence, Gong is likely to receive a large sum after his discovery exposing one of the greatest threats in the Android OS till date and that too demonstrated in the latest release Nexus 6.

Dragos Ruiu, PacSec organizer said, “The impressive thing about Guang’s exploit is that it was one shot; most people these days have to exploit several vulnerabilities to get privileged access and load software without interaction.”

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With inputs from The Register

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