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It would not be an exaggeration to say that the present age is the age of smartphones. They have invaded our lives to an extent that was hardly conceivable a few years ago! And what is the single biggest reason behind this- Yes you guessed it right or probably wrong – Android. When you think about it- the versatility of Android is completely unparalleled. Every day a new Android App keeps popping up that leaves people wondering “Whoa, can such an app really exist”.

But with great functionality come greater threats. Cases involving leakage of personal or credit card information along with misuse of someone’s private photographs have become a regular feature of daily newspapers. We are under the radar of hackers and unscrupulous companies waiting just for the opportune moment to steal our data.

But Android is not all that scary! There is plenty much you can do to protect your Android device from the malicious intent of others! Just follow these tips to make your device as safe and secure as possible.

(I am going to ignore explaining the obvious methods involving common sense such as “Never give your phone to people whom you don’t trust” or “Never Leave Your Phone Unattended in Public Places”.)

Set A Screen Lock:

Make your device secure by adding a screen lock with a Pattern,PIN or Password.

Just go to Settings –> Security –> Screen Security –> Screen Lock


Back Up Your Data:

In case you end up losing your device or it gets stolen or damaged, Backups may just prove to be the saving grace.
To save backup your photos and videos you could use the Auto Backup facility to back them up to Google+.

Simply go to Google Photos –> Settings –> Auto-Backup


You can upload your files and folder to ‘Google Drive’ and further backup your Music using ‘Music Manager’.

Encrypt Your Device:

Encryption shall come in handy in case you lose your device. Make sure your device is running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 or higher).

Go to Settings –> Security –> Encryption –> Encrypt phone


Just in case you are wondering how Encryption is better than providing a Screen Lock. Encryption scrambles all the data on your phone with a cryptographic key, without which it is impossible to access the phone’s data by even connecting it to a computer (Something which isn’t provided for by Screen Locks)

2-Factor Authentication:

In case someone has access to your password try using this feature which uses a password and a code generated by the phone to prevent unauthorized access thereby providing your phone with an extra layer of protection.


Download Apps From Trusted Sources Only:

It is advisable to download applications from the Google Play Store only as they are all tested for harmful behaviour and undergo stringent policy checks before being posted there. Apps downloaded from harmful sources can even result in you being charged some hidden fee or disclosing your personal information to hackers.


Enable Android Device Manager:

One of our biggest fears today would be losing our Android device and with it all the precious data that we might have been holding in it for years. But do not fret, the wonderful features of Android Device Manager such as “Remotely locate this device”, “Allow remote lock and erase” and “Find My Phone” provide the perfect remedy for such a situation. You can find out more on finding your lost Android phone here.


Add Your Contact Information To Your Lock Screen:

You can add some personal contact information on the lock screen in case you lose your Android phone and some stranger ends up finding it.


Learn How To Do A Factory Reset:

You can also learn to do a factory reset to wipe your phone clean of any personal data and basically restore it to the way it was when it left the factory. The Android Device Manager mentioned above can be used as well to do a factory reset.

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