PlayStation Classic’s Hidden Emulation Options Uncovered By Players

Playstation Classic
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PlayStation Classic is a dedicated gaming console from Sony that emulates the games released on its original 1994 console.

You’d be surprised to learn that PlayStation Classic has a hidden emulation menu that can be tinkered with to change TV settings, modify features that you are not allowed to modify normally and use multiple save states.

A YouTube channel named Retro Gaming Arts has noticed that when you plug in certain keyboards into the console and hit the escape button, a “PCSX” menu appears which offers a swathe of emulation options.

Some of the options that are found in this hidden emulation menu are additional RAM based save states for each game, CRT-styles scanlines, a frames-per-second display, and modifiable “frameskip” settings.

Additionally, you get the option to modify the emulation “region” that can be tweaked for playing 50fps PAL games at 6-fps NTSC standard.

You can check out the menu for yourself in the video given below.

YouTubers found that only certain USB keyboards from Logitech and Corsair like Corsair K70 and K95 were able to unlock the hidden menu.

In addition to settings that could increase the usability of the $99 gaming console, the loophole could also be used by hackers to take full control of the hardware. Nintendo’s Plug-and-Play hardware also faced the same fate after loopholes were found in it.

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