Apple news racist notification
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If you’re an Apple News+ user, you may have received some racist notifications late last night. This was because someone hacked into Fast Company’s account. Fast Company is one of the publishers whose content is available with Apple News, and users would’ve received a notification after the account was hacked.

Here are 7 points that will tell you everything you need to know about Apple News+ users getting racist push notifications.

Apple News racist push notification

  1. What happened? Apple News users received two racist push notifications Tuesday evening. This happened from the account of The Fast Company, a U.S.-based Apple News partner.
  2. Fast Company hacked: According to Fast company, someone hacked its content management system, compromising the company’s account.
  3. Website and feed suspended: The company has, for now, suspended its news feed as well as its website. The company’s services are likely to remain suspended.
  4. Apple suspended Fast Company: While the company itself stopped its feed and website, Apple has also suspended the company’s channel after reports of the hack.
  5. Is there a data leak? Nobody exactly knows how much or what damage the hackers might have done. A company’s CMS is a dashboard to manage all the published content.
  6. How many people received the racist notification? The service had 125 million active users in Q2 2020. Since Fast Company, from where the notification was sent, is based in the U.S., the U.S. user base received the notification.
  7. How Apple News works: Apple News+ is a news aggregation service that partners with over 300 magazines and newspapers. Subscribers can also listen to audio stories from publications that support and publish them.

The story is still developing, and we will cover it as the matter unfolds. As of now, some of the key questions that remain unanswered are the identity and demands of the hackers. If you’re among the users that received the racist notification, do share your experience with us in the comments.

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