Are Samsung Phones Really Randomly Blowing Up?

Samsung phone with swollen battery
Image: Mrwhosetheboss

Samsung may be spearheading the foldable smartphone market but is unaware of the grave problems that exist in all of its phones. Mrwhosetheboss, a popular tech YouTuber, stumbled upon the issue of battery swelling in his collection of Samsung smartphones.

The batteries of these devices swole up to the extent that they cracked the back glass in some cases. However, the battery blow-up problem isn’t only with Mrwhosetheboss’ collection. Other YouTubers, mainly tech reviewers, have noticed that older Samsung phone batteries swell up after they are stored for a while.

Why do only Samsung phone batteries blow/swell up?

After realizing that three of his phones had swollen batteries, Mrwhosetheboss contacted Samsung support and shared his problem. Samsung asked to collect the devices, to which he refused at first. But afterward, he caved to their demand and submitted all the Samsung phones with swollen batteries to the company.

He was expecting a prompt response from Samsung on this issue but never received any follow-up mail. After 50 days, Mrwhosetheboss decided to do a little bit of investigation himself and contacted other YouTubers about the issue.

Many Samsung phones in storage with multiple YouTubers had a bloated battery. This was a major wake-up call for Mrwhosetheboss, who then contacted MKBHD, who also had a similar experience with Samsung phones. MKBHD said that his team periodically identifies and removes the swollen battery smartphones from the collection.

Samsung phones
Image: Twitter

It was crystal clear that Samsung smartphones have this issue that no one ever spoke about. Samsung has had a long history of battery blow-up issues and even accidental blasts in some cases. It became such a big problem that many airlines even banned passengers from carrying the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The question now is whether your Samsung device is safe or not. This problem plagues the users across all segments, so it could happen to you too. We would suggest a thorough inspection of your old Samsung phone for any swelling.

In some cases, the back case pops up from one side. It is better to regularly check your Samsung phone and avoid charging it if you see a puffed-up battery. However, all the cases from reviewers have happened to devices that were stored for a relatively long time.

While batteries tend to damage over time, the sheer number of Samsung phones in the world, combined with an issue like this one, is a cause to worry. Even if the company were to recall phones and replace batteries, the issue plagues phones that are as much as 5-7 years old.

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