Sri Lanka Becomes First Country to Get Universal Internet With Project Google Loon

google project loon
google project loon


Short Bytes : Sri Lankan government had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Google Inc. for the Project Google Loon to cover the entire country with 3G Internet service with the help of high flying 13 balloons.

Telecom companies across the world are trying to bridge the Internet gap among the people of all the countries. We recently saw how Google Inc along with ISPs, such as Cox and Century Link, partnered with the White House to provide minimal cost internet service to more than 275,000 low-income households of the United States of America.

In the latest development, Google and The Government of Sri Lanka had signed a MoU to launch the PoGoogle Loon project in the island nation to provide high-speed Internet to its citizens throughout the country. With this project, Sri Lanka will become world’s first country to have Internet access across the entire nation with the government support. It seems Sri Lanka is heeding to the advice of US President Mr. Barack Obama who just recently said the Internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Google will put to use its latest developed system for this project. 13 of the Google balloons will be hanging in the stratosphere for the Project Google Loon and provide Internet services to even the remotest places of the hilly regions of the country. It is clear from this map that most of the developing countries have not got good access to the Internet. But, the Project Google Loon project aims to change that.

Students would get easy access to online textbooks and small businessmen will be connected to a wider national as well as global markets. Moreover, the general public would hugely benefit the Project Google Loon with loads of information and news reaching them regularly at the 3G speed.

Meanwhile, Facebook too had been planning to use a massive amount of drones to bring Internet to 5 billion people.

Mike Cassidy, Google Vice President and Project Leader on GoogleX Loon said 13 balloons of Project Google Loon will be enough to give Sri Lanka a full Internet coverage at the 3G speed.

Do you think Project Google Loon should be launched in your country as well? Tell us in comments below.

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