Google Is Shipping Some Pixel 2 XL Phones Without Android OS

No, it is not something like a Free DOS-style version of a smartphone on which you can install your favorite ROM. This one adds to the list of problems Pixel 2 XL devices have shown post their announcement, including the screen burn-in issue after which Google increased the warranty to two years.

Some users have reported the issue on Reddit. When the phone is turned on, the screen lights up with the following message:

“Can’t find valid operating system. The device will not start.”

Maybe, it’s still better than getting an empty box at your home.

Google Pixel 2 XL no android OS
Source: trevoroftard/imgur

The only possible fix for the problem is to ask Google for a replacement, according to the user pdoubleyou who spent almost an hour chatting with Google’s customer service team.

Incidents like these have definitely motivated people to raise a question about Google’s quality control. And the dirt is also spilling upon LG and HTC who are manufacturing these devices.

What’s next? Maybe a class action

It won’t be surprising if the Mountain View-based company has to visit the court soon. In fact, a law firm called Girard Gibbs LLP seems to be working on it already.

Source: The Verge via MSPowerUser

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