Man Shows The Fastest Way To Change Google Home Songs: Open Source RPi DIY Kit

You might tap your back for buying a Google Home smart speaker that changes songs quickly by listening to your voice. Well, ask this guy named Hoveeman who has taken his smart speaker experience to another level.

He uses RFID tags to play his favorite songs in the quickest way possible. To do this, he connected his Google Home speaker to his open source DIY tech that he created by attaching an RFID reader to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

As soon as he swipes one of his in-house RFID tags featuring artwork, the music starts playing. The RPi Zero asks the Home Assistant home automation software to tell the Google Home speaker to play that particular song.

Now, you would say it is not as be convenient as uttering the name of the song from a distance, after making a many failed attempts. Also, it requires a lot of homework before you make the smart speaker dance to your tunes.

The answer is YES, but this might not be completely true.

Hoveeman has hidden the DIY setup under his table. All he needs to do is swipe the RIFD music cards and the audio starts playing on all the connected devices (like Chromecast Audio or Soundbar) across his home over WiFi.

So, if you’re willing to take the initial pain, you can put the system where you normally sit. The rest is just comfort. It can be really helpful you want to listen to specific songs. You can find all the details on the project’s GitHub page and start building your own setup.

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