Mozilla’s Firefox Send File Sharing Service Now Available As Android App

firefox send android

Mozilla recently introduced its file-sharing service, Firefox Send, which was initially available on the web. As promised previously, the service now has an Android app, currently available in the form of a beta.

Firefox Send allows users to share files with other users, in a secure and end-to-end encrypted form.

Another highlight of the file-sharing app is the ability to delete the shared files after a set time. Users can further select the auto-delete option which will ensure that the files are removed once the recipient downloads them.

firefox send android

Users can send files sized up to 1GB which is the default size and can further increase the file size by up to 2.5GB by merely creating a Firefox account and signing up. Additionally, users can choose the link to expire between 1 and 1000 downloads.

For further privacy, the sender can also set passwords for the files to make sure the desired receiver downloads the files.

firefox send android

Furthermore, the files can be uploaded one at a time or in a group of files which automatically gets converted into a single Zip file.

Just as a reminder, the Firefox Send app is a beta that could be unstable.

The Firefox Send Android app can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, and the platform could soon get an iOS app as well.

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