Flat Earth Believer ‘Mad Mike’ Launches Himself In A Rocket; Bumps Back To Earth


Here is a story you don’t hear every day. After several failed attempts, a Californian man who believes that the Earth is flat, finally managed to propel himself to almost 2000 feet in the air in his homemade rocket.

61-year-old ‘Mad Mike Hughes’ is a limousine driver by profession. In a quest to prove astronauts wrong, he launched himself up in the air to snap a photo that would confirm the shape of the planet.

The self-taught rocket scientist managed to ascend a height of 1,875 feet in his crowdfunded rocket before hard landing back to Earth in the Mojave Desert outside Amboy, California on Saturday.

“Do I believe the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee? I believe it is,” said the daredevil in an interview with The Associated Press. “Do I know for sure? No. That’s why I want to go up in space.”

Apparently, he was tired of people saying he “chickened out” after he went viral over his scientifically unsupported belief that the Earth is flat and shaped like a frisbee.

So he “manned up and did it” described Hughes. His rocket speeded up to 350 mph before he pulled his parachute. A second parachute also had to be deployed to prevent hitting the ground too hard.

“This thing wants to kill you 10 different ways,” and “will kill you in a heartbeat,” said Mad Mike. Even though the crash landing has given him sore back, he claimed that he is glad that he did it anyway.

Hughes sustained some minor injuries, but overall he is fine. His self-created rocket got dinged and won’t be able to take another flight, that’s for sure.

Apart from investigating the shape of the Earth, an interesting fact about Hughes is that he wants to run for governor of California.

Well, I guess that’s fine as long as he doesn’t tries to launch another rocket and hurt himself seriously.

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