Linux Desktop Operating System Share Crosses 2% For The First Time Ever

linux on desktop
linux on desktop

linux on desktopShort Bytes: According to the latest June 2016 numbers released by a data analytics firm, for the first time ever, Linux distributions have crossed 2% marketshare on the desktop. While this number remain controversial, it’s no denying the fact that Linux is continuously gaining ground and making new users.

For the first time ever, the worldwide desktop Linux market share has crossed the 2 percent mark. These statistics are based upon the data recorded by the website Netmarketshare.

The data analytics company tracks Android and Linux separately. Even though Android is based on the Linux kernel, recording it separately makes sense.

The recorded data by Netmarketshare is wide open to our interpretation, as the data analytics firm uses its list of over 40,000 websites to track the users. It’s often debated if the 40,000 number is high enough to get an accurate idea.

If we take a look at the other sources for consideration, Wikimedia tracks the users based on their visit to Wikipedia. Their June 2016 data tells that Linux is running on around 1.1% of desktop operating systems.

While things remain debatable, it’s nice to see the penguin climbing up high on the charts. Overall, things are looking great for Linux desktop operating system.

It’s very difficult to track the exact Linux marketshare as Linux is available and used in the form of multiple distros, browsers, and kernels. We hope that Linux gains more users in future and Linus Torvalds realizes his dream of beating Windows on the desktop.

On a happier note, as our data suggests, about 15% desktop fossBytes readers use a Linux-based operating system.


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