PUBG Animated Series; Here’s What We Can Expect From The Project

PUBG Animated Series; Here's What We Can Expect From The Project
Image: Krafton

What comes as news to everyone, PUBG is getting an Animated series. And the man behind it is the producer of a popular Castlevania series on Netflix. After helping Castlevania break free from its development nightmare, the producer, Adi Shankar, has turned his eyes towards the hit battle royale game PUBG.

In a press release earlier today, PUBG maker Krafton broke the news. According to the press release, “One of the most innovative content creators in Hollywood today and a geek culture visionary, Shankar’s credits include the smash-hit Netflix Original Series “Castlevania.” Of course, it is big news for PUBG fanatics. Seeing how the hit battle royale is starting to fade away after grooving on its immense success.

While PUBG is the sole reason for Krafton’s revenues, the company has started to build upon the game in order to establish a multimedia franchise. In addition to PUBG getting an animated series, Krafton has launched projects like “Ground Zero,” a live-action short film. Along with this, an investigative “docu-series” (as Krafton is calling it) called “Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds.” Both of these are based in the so-called “PUBG universe.”

In the press release by PUBG maker Krafton, Adi Shankar said, “As a player, I’ve been crushing the competition in the Battlegrounds since PUBG released in 2017. I’m grateful to KRAFTON for the trust and confidence they’ve placed in me to execute my vision as a filmmaker, and I’m excited to embark on this journey together.”

Adi Shankar’s PUBG animated series

For the uninitiated, Adi Shankar is known for films like Dread, Castlevania, Bootleg Universe alongside other projects. As spoken about earlier, how the filmmaker helped Castlevania break free from the previous development nightmare. When the series aired initially, fans complained about the little resemblance to the original Castlevania video game franchise story. However, things turned for the better when Shankar joined the project and did justice to the series in accordance with the originality as the fans wished.

As far as PUBG animated series is concerned. Krafton is looking to cash on the success of PUBG and make a PUBG Universe; examples can be seen with Ground Zero and Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds. Furthermore, judging from the record of Adi Shankar, he seems like the perfect choice that Krafton could make. Since we believe the filmmaker can bring the originality of PUBG on the screen along with specific elements that PUBG is known for.

Describing the project, Adi Shankar went on to say, “To me, this animated project represents another step in the evolution of mending the torched bridge between the games industry and Hollywood. I look forward to revealing to everybody what winning a chicken dinner looks like.”

Not just PUBG, Adi Shankar has announced several projects; among them, Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Devil May Cry are the notable ones. Meanwhile, we sure are hyped for the project, but it seems like PUBG animated series is at the back of a long queue. Furthermore, more information on the project hasn’t been announced yet. We’ll be sure to fill you up on any details regarding PUBG animated series by Adi Shankar.

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