PS4 Game ‘Dreams’ Lets You Create Other Games Without Coding

This PS4 Game Lets You Create Other Games Without Coding

Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ is out exclusively for PS4, and to be honest, this game is truly revolutionary. Dreams is not exactly a game but an engine where you can create your own video games, art, films, music, and almost everything kicking in your imagination.

The things you can do in the game are exactly how they advertise it, “The idea could be anything….it could be…EVERYTHING.”

In Dreams game, if you don’t want to create games, then you can explore millions of other people’s creations. Basically, it’s a game in which you can play millions of different kinds of games, not being restricted to any particular genre.

It’s a sort of community where everything created by a person stays public. You can play, modify, share, like, and comment on someone else’s handwork. So, it’s highly possible to get fame by creating something spectacular on Dreams.

Learning how to dive deeper to create something from scratch can take some time. Although, that doesn’t mean it’s hard. After completing the first set of basic tutorials, you start getting the hang of it.

What’s impressive is that there are a number of amazing tools within the game. So, you can create anything you can possibly imagine with absolutely no coding.

The vision behind creating Dreams game is to kick off the creativity that’s already inside of you. So, you can’t help but give a little bit of your touch while having fun with other people’s creations.

Also, the “Art’s Dream” campaign by Dreams is an incredible way to flaunt what the tools in the game can create. The campaign is different experiences tied together in the form of a 2-3 hours story mode. The incredible narratives with fantastic storytelling and music are just breathtaking.

As of now, ‘Dreams’ is only available for PS4; however, the creative director of the game says that PS5 is “an obvious progression” for ‘Dreams.’


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