How To Play Need For Speed Games In VR?

need for speed vr

The Need for Speed is one of the world’s most popular racing game franchises, but recent entries in the series have not been well received. Despite the huge potential, the developers are yet to add any VR support for the games. Fortunately, there are a few methods to play Need for Speed games in VR with the help of mods and third-party software.

Previously, there was a VR version of Need for Speed No Limits, but it was exclusive to the Google Daydream platform. The game can still technically be played through an APK, but users will be limited to smartphone VR. For more information, check out our guide on how to play VR games on a smartphone.

Unlike our other VR guides, there is no VR mod support for Need for Speed PC games. So users might have to go through a few hoops to play these racing games in VR. These workarounds aren’t exactly complete VR ports, but they get the job done.

Gamers can also check out other flatscreen games that are playable in VR (natively or through mods). We have even written some guides on how to play GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077, and Resident Evil Village in VR.

Things Needed

  • Mid-high-end gaming PC
  • VR headset
  • USB-A cable
  • Respective NFS game on PC
  • SteamVR
  • VorpX (optional)
  • Controller (recommended)
  • VR motion controllers (optional)

Play Need for Speed games in VR (Vorpx)

Vorpx is a 3D driver application for DirectX9-12 and older OpenGL games. The software is used for playing normal flatscreen games with PCVR devices like HTC Vive and Quest headsets. It is no substitute for native VR game support but just a custom software that translates the game into VR.

However, the software also supports motion controllers and true Stereo 3D. Fortunately, VorpX can run many Need for Speed games in VR. The following games are officially supported by VorpX and can be played in Stereo 3D right out of the box.

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted [2005]
  • Need for Speed Shift 2
  • Need for Speed: Rivals

Even if the game is not officially supported, VorpX can run it in VR. So users can technically play Need for Speed Unbound in VR via VorpX. Unfortunately, the application is not free-to-use and can cost up to $40. If you don’t want to pay for VorpX, there is another method to play Need for Speed games in VR.

Play Need Need for Speed games in VR (camera mods)

There is also an alternate method of using camera mods to play Need for Speed in VR. All the latest NFS games have a camera mod that can be used as a pseudo-VR mod, as showcased in the video below. Users can run the game in SteamVR and then use the mod to change the camera position to first-person and increase the FoV. The only problem with this mod is that there is no way to remove the black edges from the game.

Let us know your thoughts about playing Need for Speed in VR in the comment section below.

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