List Of All Popular Flatscreen Games Playable In VR

all flatscreen games that can be played in vr through mods

Virtual Reality has become more and more accessible over the years. However, there is a clear lack of big AAA games that can be played in VR. Fortunately, some game developers and modders have provided VR support for many popular flatscreen games to alleviate this problem.

Unfortunately, only a handful of popular flatscreen games have official VR support. However, modders have changed the situation by making VR mods for various flatscreen games. There’s even a highly advanced mod in the works that will make all Unreal Engine games playable in VR.

It is hard to keep track of all games that can be played in VR. That’s why we have made a list of all flatscreen games with official VR support and VR mods.

Flatscreen games with official VR support

GamesPlatformMotion Control Support
American Truck SimulatorQuest, PSVRNo
Assetto CorsaPC VR, PSVRNo
Automobilista 2PC VRNo
Battle Fleet 2PC VRYes
Borderlands 2PC VRYes
Dirt Rally 2.0PC VRNo
Euro Truck Simulator 2PC VRYes
Elite DangerousPC VRYes
F1 22PC VRNo
Fallout 4PC VRYes
Gran Turismo SportPSVR No
Gran Turismo 7PSVR 2Yes
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasQuest (In-Progress)Yes
Green Hell VRPC VR, QuestYes
Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificePC VR, PSVRNo
Hitman 3PC VR, PSVRPartial
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)PC VRYes
No Man’s SkyPC VRYes
PayDay 2PC VR, PSVR, Yes
PhasmophobiaPC VR (In-Progress)Yes
Project Cars 2PC VRNo
Project Cars 3PC VRNo
Resident Evil 4QuestYes
Resident Evil 4 RemakePSVR 2 (In-Progress)Yes
Resident Evil 7PSVRNo
Resident Evil 8PSVR 2 (In-Progress)Yes
rFactor 2PC VRNo
Serious Sam 3 VRPC VRYes
Serious Sam VR The First EncounterPC VRYes
Serious Sam VR The Second EncounterPC VRYes
Star Wars: SquadronsPC VR, PSVRYes
SubnauticaPC VRYes
The Elder Scrolls: SkyrimPC VR, PSVRYes
The ForestPC VRYes
The Talos PrinciplePC VRYes
Thief SimulatorPC VRYes
War ThunderPC VRNo

Flatscreen games with VR mods

GamePlatformMotion Control Support Created by
Alien Isolation VRPC VR, QuestNoNibre
Cyberpunk 2077 VRPC VRNoLuke Ross
Dark Souls RemasterPC VRNoLuke Ross
Deep Rock GalacticPC VR (In-Progress)YesBrzeski Productions
Devil May Cry 5 VRPC VRNopraydog
Doom 3 VRPC VR, QuestYesDrBeef
Elden Ring VRPC VRNoLuke Ross
Enderal: Forgotten StoriesPC VRYessasa2727
Final Fantasy VII RemakePC VRNoLuke Ross
Firewatch VRPC VRYesRaicuparta
Garry’s Mod VRPC VRYesCatse
Ghost RunnerPC VRNoLuke Ross
Ghostwire: TokyoPC VRNoLuke Ross
GTA V VRPC VRNo, head aimingLuke Ross
Half-Life 1 VRPC VR, QuestYesMaxvollmer, DrBeef
Half-Life 2 VRPC VRYesSourceVR Mod Team
Hardspace: ShipbreakerPC VR (In-Progress)NoRaicuparta
Horizon: Zero Dawn VRPC VRNoLuke Ross
Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy VRPC VRYesshinyquagsire23
Left 4 Dead 2PC VR (In-Progress)Yessd805
Life Is Strange: Before The Storm VRPC VRYesTrevTV
Mafia Trilogy RemakePC VRNo, head aimingLuke Ross
Mechwarrior 5 VRPC VRNoKITT
MinecraftPC VR (In-Progress), QuestYesSorenon/MCXR Team, Vivecraft
Monster Hunter Rise VRPC VRNopraydog
Morrowind VRPC VRYesBuvik Sandvei & OpenMW
No One Lives Forever 2 VRPC VRNoLuke Ross
Outer Wilds VRPC VRYesNomaiVR
Penumbra: OverturePC VR (In-Progress)Yesveryjos
Praey For The Gods VRPC VRNoRaicuparta
Quake 2QuestYesDrBeef
Quake 3 Arena VRQuestYesDrBeef
RaftPC VRYesFlatscreen to VR Modders
Red Dead Redemption 2 VRPC VRNoLuke Ross
Resident Evil 2 Remake VRPC VRYespraydog
Resident Evil 3 Remake VRPC VRYespraydog
Resident Evil 7 VRPC VRYespraydog
Resident Evil 8 Village VRPC VRYespraydog
Return To Castle Wolfenstein VRQuest YesDrBeef
Risk of Rain 2 VRPC VRYesDrBibop
Marvel’s Spider-Man PC VRNoFlugan
Star Wars Jedi AcademyPC VRNoxLAva
Star Wars Jedi OutcastPC VRYesxLAva
StrayPC VRNoLuke Ross
Subnautica: Below ZeroPC VRYesflatscreen2VR
The Stanley Parable: Ultra DeluxePC VR (In-Progress)YesRaicuparta
Valheim VRPC VRYesFlatscreen to VR Modders
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus VRPC VRNoHeliFax
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wildPC VR (In-Progress)NoElliot Tate
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimePC VRYesBrianMP16

VR mods that are under development

  • Most UE4 games (Unreal Engine VR Injector Mod)
  • Borderlands 3
  • Doom Eternal VR
  • Portal

Most AAA game developers are focused on making flatscreen VR games. That’s why there are not a lot of good quality VR games that will incentivize a user to invest in a VR headset. However, we can enjoy many AAA games in VR for free, thanks to online modding communities.

However, there are not a lot of big-budget VR-only games that have come out in recent years. The last one to come out was Half-Life: Alyx, and it’s been two years since then. Fortunately, many new VR headsets are coming to the market shortly. And just like any new platform, they will come with new VR games close to thier launch.

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