Apparently, You Can Play Giant Jenga With Your Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Jenga

Yes, a Tesla Model X can be used to play Jenga. And I am not talking about playing Jenga as a video game on Tesla’s infotainment screen but in real life. I am talking about using a Model X to pull out cardboard boxes that are equivalent to Jenga bricks.

For the uninitiated, Jenga is sort of a board game where players remove one block at a time from a tower made of 54 boxes. The important thing here is to pull out as many boxes as you can without letting the tower fall.

Recently, a Youtuber named Ryan Trahan took the game of Jenga to a whole new level. He placed giant cardboard boxes on top of each other to make a Jenga tower and decided to use his Model X Performance, to pull them out one by one.

He and his friends decided to compete and shoot the whole thing for Youtube. Here’s what happened.

Tesla Model X Playing Jenga Is What I Needed To See Today

My monotone writing aside, the Jenga game was actually very hilarious. The Model X was popping boxes one by one and making the tower fall several times.

We know that the Model X Performance has blistering acceleration, and all the high speed “box-pulling” in the video was done using the Ludicrous+ mode of the Model X.

Ludicrous+ is the insane launch control mode in the Model X, which makes it go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds.

In case you were wondering, “Why was a Model X used for this challenge?” Well, now, you know.

In this Jenga game, the participants had to pull out cardboard boxes without letting the tower fall. The boxes were also labeled with different prize money, penalties, and challenges.

The team tried pulling the cardboard boxes at high as well as low speeds. They succeeded in some attempts but hilariously failed during others.

Ryan Trahan keeps uploading several Tesla challenge videos on his YouTube channel. He had previously tested the efficiency of his Model X Performance on a long, thousand-mile plus road trip.

And thanks to him, now we know that a Model X can be used to play Jenga.

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