Can A Stationary Tesla Model 3 Last For 9 Days With Sentry Mode On?

Tesla Model 3 battery life

In these times of lockdown, when you can’t drive your car, a YouTuber tested the Tesla Model 3 battery consumption to see how long it can last without driving. While the electric vehicle was stationary, all the electronics inside the car were being used to their full extent.

It is a general concept to determine the capability of an electric car’s battery by measuring its range and power. However, have you ever wondered how long these batteries could last if you do everything except drive them?

Here’s how the Tesla Model 3 battery drains with everything ON inside the car. YouTube channel Jack Massey Welsh uploaded the results online. The YouTuber chap did every possible thing with his Model 3 to check how fast the charging percentage falls.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Life Without Driving

 The effect of air conditioning, heated seats, lights, music, and sentry mode, on Model 3’s battery was tested. Now, let’s talk in detail about all the things that this YouTuber did during the test.

At the start of the video, the battery was at 99%. The Model 3 owner started experimenting by doing the following things inside his car.

  • Switch on all interior lights and exterior headlights
  • Moved his electronically controlled seats
  • Turn on AC at full speed.
  • The rear heated seats were ON.
  • Charged two cell phones
  • Increase the screen’s brightness to 100%
  • Play video games on the dashboard screen

After doing all this stuff for a while, the battery was still at 99%. We know that Tesla manages in-car electronics very efficiently, and after this test, the Youtuber knows this too.

Tesla Model 3 battery can last 9 days in sentry mode

Sometime later, the lad turned off the lights and watched a 30 min episode on Netflix along with his friend inside his Model 3 and did a karaoke session for about 50 min. And, all these things used up only 2% of the battery with 97% remaining.

Afterward, the guy left his car running for 40 minutes with the heater ON at the highest speed along with heated seats at the back. The guy kept using the car’s battery, and also charged his cell phone completely to 100%.

How Long a Battery Performs In Sentry Mode

In the end, when there was nothing left to do, the battery was at 78%. The YouTuber finally left his Tesla Model 3 with Sentry Mode ON for the next 24 hours. He then checked on the car after 26 hours, and the Sentry Mode had only consumed 13% of the total remaining battery in 26 hours.

Meaning, with the sentry mode running, the Tesla Model 3 consumed 12% battery charge for 24 hours. At this rate, the Model 3 can easily record videos in Sentry Mode for about eight days and eight hours. However, battery drainage also depends on various factors, including temperature. As per some reports, the batteries last longer than usual when the State of Charge decreases.

All the above factors collectively can vary the exact time. But it surely gives a rough idea of how efficient the Model 3 is.

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