Pixel Watch Ad Reveals 7 Important Details About Google Wearable

Pixel Watch To Get Apple Watch-like Bands, Says New Leak
Image: Google

Google is attempting to jump into the wearables industry with the Pixel Watch. It already owns Fitbit but wants to build a smartwatch that captures the attention of the masses bearing its name. Google Pixel Watch leaks have become frequent since a person found them in a restaurant.

Twitter user SnoopyTech leaked an unlisted video from his profile, one of them being a Pixel Watch ad. The video showcases the Pixel Watch in action and does a good job of highlighting its features.

Pixel Watch Ad: It does look good


The video showcases the Pixel Watch in action, with Google doing its best to promote all its use cases.

  1. Multiple Sizes: Pixel Watch’s design indeed looks good, and the pebble-shaped design may pave the way for the wearables industry in the future.
  2. Google Ecosystem Integration: You can clearly see Google’s ecosystem in action with Google Maps and Google Assistant.
  3. Wireless Payments: NFC Payments are also possible with the upcoming Pixel Watch.
  4. Band Designs: There are three types of band designs and multiple colors in the video, and metal band options will arrive in winter. That’s a month or two after the device launches, so you will have to make do with the silicone, fiber, or leather options available.
  5. Multiple Exercise Modes: The video showcases multiple exercise modes and health monitoring features.
  6. Flippable Crown: One crucial thing to note is that the video showcases both left-handed and right-handed users. So, the crown is indeed flippable, which means you can wear it on whichever hand you like and flip the crown.

Pricing for the Pixel Watch is still unavailable, but we expect Google to price it economically because it is its first wearable. Some leaks also suggested a $400 price for the upcoming smartwatch.

Pixel Watch
Image: WordPress

If it does arrive with that kind of pricing, it will be among the most expensive smartwatches. Still, it will be cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra, priced ludicrously at $800. It is just a couple of days’ wait for the Google Hardware Event, which will launch the Pixel 7 series, Pixel Watch, and maybe a new tablet.

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