Overwatch 2: Sombra Strategy Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Overwatch 2 Sombra Strategy Guide (Tips & Tricks)
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With invisibility and teleportation up her sleeves, Sombra is one of the toughest Overwatch 2 heroes to take down. Not to mention her irritating arsenal that not only includes an SMG but also has the ability to disable other heroes.

While Sombra has very unique abilities that can help players to take down enemies faster and is an irritating hero to play against, it’s not easy to take up this damage hero and perform well. That being said, Sombra can be a powerful enemy to take down in the hands of a skilled Overwatch 2 player. Her ability to die behind enemy lines and exploit their weakness and damage support is something not every Overwatch 2 hero can do.

Overwatch 2: Sombra’s role in the team

sombra hack
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is best played in a diving composition with other diving Overwatch 2 heroes like D.Va, Genji, Winston, Tracer, Doomfist, and others. With Sombra, players can not only flank the enemy team’s support but also completely dismantle their defense with the help of invisibility.

Furthermore, with the ability to hack, Sombra can hack the health packs on the map, which will not only make them spawn faster but will keep them from being used up by the enemy team. As Sombra dives behind enemy lines and shoots her way through, things can get a bit overwhelming if a tank shows up. In that case, players can either go invisible or teleport out of the situation and repeat the process.

Overwatch 2: Sombra’s abilities

Weapon/AbilityType of Weapon/AbilityDescriptionDamage
Machine PistolPrimary weaponSombra’s primary weapon is a short-range fully-automatic pistol with a hitscan mechanic.2-7 (per bullet, depending on the range) (15-35 meter fall-off range)
TranslocatorPrimary abilityThe Translocator helps Sombra to teleport back to the place where it is placed. Interestingly, Sombra can also teleport to the beacon, even if it’s mid-air.Nil
StealthPrimary abilityStealth allows Sombra to go invisible for as long as she wants. Sombra will return back to normal self when using abilities; speed is increased by 60%.Nil
HackPrimary abilityHacking an enemy player will temporarily disable them from using their abilities for 8 seconds. Sombra can also hack health kits for 30 seconds, making them spawn faster and unusable for enemy players.Nil
OpportunistPassive abilitySombra can detect critically injured enemies through walls and deals 40% more damage to hacked enemies.Nil
EMPUltimateSombra’s EMP damages equal to 40% of all nearby enemies’ health, further hacking them and destroying all barrier shields. (effective in a 15-meter radius)40 % of current health as damage to enemies (destroyed barriers)

Overwatch 2: How to play Sombra?

Damage, teleport, repeat

sombra translocator overwatch 2
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Be a menace for the enemy team to deal with. As Sombra’s teammates pressure the enemy team from the front, Sombra players can dive behind enemy lines using the Stealth ability, hack the support players and destroy them in seconds. Hacking the support players will disable their shields, which make up for almost half of every other support hero’s overall health. Once the shields are down, the support heroes are easy picks for Sombra with her fully-automatic machine pistol.

Not only support heroes, but Sombra players must also target the enemy tank players. Using hacks and not allowing them to use their shield barriers will make them more vulnerable. However, before diving behind enemy lines with Sombra, make sure to drop the Translocator beacon somewhere safe. Since it wouldn’t be long before Sombra is overwhelmed and will be bulldozed with enemy firepower.

Dive in, but always plan your exit

sombra hanzo
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is not a head-on fighter. No matter how good a team is performing, Sombra players should never take a head-on fight, especially with Overwatch 2 tank heroes. As a Sombra player, the primary goal should be to create chaos and dismantle enemy support.

Using the Stealth ability, dive behind enemy lines and hack the enemies, which will result in more damage not only from Sombra but also from Sombra’s teammates. However, never dive behind enemy players without having an exit plan first.

Players must always plan an exit and place the Translocator with respect to it. That being said, the Translocator should never be kept in just one place every time. This will make Sombra’s movements easy to read, as an enemy player might await Sombra to jump back or simply destroy the Translocator. Find new places on the map where Sombra can jump and dive from, even rooftops.

EMP doesn’t just disable abilities

That’s right, Sombra’s ultimate will not only disable the enemy team’s barriers and will damage them but also cancel out their ultimates. Furthermore, Sombra can also cancel out many ultimates with her Hack ability. However, we won’t suggest you go through with it in case of certain ultimates since it won’t be worth it if Sombra’s dead.

EMP deals damage equal to 40% of the enemy’s current health and hacks players in a 15-meter radius. While Sombra won’t be able to land killing blows with her ultimate, the EMP can be used to set up larger coordinated attacks. For instance, Roadhog’s ultimate can pulverize entire teams after Sombra’s ultimate, which will render them helpless without barriers. Genji players can also do the same with the Dragonblade. Lastly, Sombra players can also stop Pharah from flying and Mercy’s resurrection.

It all depends on how well players utilize Sombra’s abilities in sync with the abilities of their teammates. Using Hack at the right moment can be crucial for the team to win matches in Overwatch 2, and so does knowing when to use the Translocator.

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