Overwatch 2: D.Va Guide (Tips, Abilities & More)

Overwatch 2 D.Va Guide (Tips, Abilities & More)

One of the most desirable Overwatch 2 heroes, D.Va, is a tank hero. Despite her good looks, the hero is a force to be reckoned with. Having a massive health bar and destructive damage capabilities, D.Va is a must on every team. Meanwhile, in this strategy guide, let’s take about her abilities, some tricks up her sleeve, and how to make better D.Va plays in Overwatch 2.

Being a tank hero, D.Va is an essential team player. With the quota to withstand great damages, even shielding the support and damage heroes of their respective teams, tanks are a must on the squad. While having a tank hero on your team is good, having a good one is a must. Since they will not only start and end fights easily but also make sure to keep the flow going to pressure the enemy team into falling back.

What is D.Va’s role in Overwatch 2?

The primary role of D.Va in Overwatch 2 is to make sure to keep the enemies at bay. Charging toward the enemy players using her robot’s boosters will make sure they run back and hide from her projectiles. Meanwhile, you can also use the thrusters to get out of any situation that’s unfavorable to you.

d.va and cassidy
Image: Overwatch

As a tank hero, D.Va’s main goal is to eliminate the enemy support and kick back other enemy tanks. Furthermore, her goal also includes maintaining the push on the enemy team as they try to either capture the target or escort the payload.

Overwatch 2: D.Va’a abilities

overwatch 2 d.va abilities
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5
Weapon/AbilityType of Weapon/AbilityDescriptionDamage
Fusion CannonsPrimary weaponD.Va’s short-range canons can massively damage enemies up close. The cannons have no reload and come with infinite ammo, meaning you can easily spam away enemies in close-range fights.0.6-2 (depending on the range)
Light GunSecondary weaponThe light gun comes into use when D.Va’s mech has been destroyed, or she willingly ejects from the mech. An automatic handgun with an ammo capacity of 20, it does damage against enemies if used accurately.14
BoostersActiveThe Boosters help D.Va launch the mech in the air or the direction she’s facing for a duration of 2 seconds. While this also does damage on impact, players can use this to climb on a building too.35
Defense MatrixActiveThis ability helps when D.Va is being bombarded with fire. The defense matrix blocks any incoming projectile in front of the mech.Nil
Micro MissilesActiveDeploy a volley of missiles in the direction D.Va is facing that damages with respect to how many missiles land on the target.A total of 126 damage
EjectPassiveD.Va can eject from her mech after it is destroyed by the enemy players, giving her another chance in the fight.Nil
Self-DestructUltimateOne of the most devastating ultimates in Overwatch 2, D.Va, will eject from the mech and will cause it to explode, killing off enemy players in the blast radius. This can be coupled with boosters.100-1000 (depending on the range)
Call MechUltimateAfter D.Va’s mech is destroyed, she can all in another one and return to the battle. While the self-destruct will automatically charge the call mech ultimate, you will have to wait if the mech is destroyed by the enemies.Can kill if an enemy is on the drop spot

How to play D.Va in Overwatch 2?

Don’t forget to use the defense matrix

Let’s face it; this is bound to happen at some moment with players while playing D.Va in Overwatch 2. This can understandably happen to the best of us that, at times, we forget to use the defense matrix. However, if you’re one player who undermines the defense matrix, we suggest you use more of this while in between fights or while taking fire when approaching the enemy players.

d.va defense matrix
Image: Overwatch

In addition to protecting yourself from enemy fire with the defense matrix, you must also use it to safeguard your teammates from enemy fire, especially the support players. In doing so, you’ll not only save your teammates playing support heroes but also allow them to heal you.

Be smart with the Self-destruct

D.Va’s self-destruct is a powerful tool to use in a fight. While many Overwatch 2 players will lunge towards the first chance they get to use the ultimate, you should wait and evaluate the situation first. The Self-district is capable of eliminating the enemy players nearby D.Va in a matter of seconds; furthermore, damaging them if they run a bit far.

d.va ultimate
Image: Overwatch

Meanwhile, in situations where the enemy team is playing closely knit to each other and not allowing your teammates to advance is a great situation to use D.Va’s ultimate. Coupling it with the boosters will further allow Overwatch 2 players to get off at a safer distance and let the mech do its work.

Furthermore, you can also use D.Va’s self-destruct to clear any particular area of enemy players. Launching the ultimate, whether from the place itself or with the boosters, will also help you in getting rid of enemies as they run to hide behind a wall or any other obstacle.

overwatch 2 d.va ultimate
Image: Overwatch

Don’t play defense all the time

With D.Va’s abilities, players can easily defend a site against multiple enemy heroes. However, make sure that you don’t get lost while doing so. D.Va is as much capable of keeping the enemy players at bay as she is capable of pushing them back.

Making combos of D.Va’s abilities in Overwatch 2 will help your team go the distance. For instance, using the micro missiles with the boosters as you take on any enemy player will force them to back off, allowing you and your team to advance on the area. As you reach the enemy player, their health would’ve already come to half; now you need to finish them off with the cannons, easy! In Overwatch 2, there are endless possibilities for making combos of D.Va’s abilities coupled with other heroes.

Overwatch 2: D.Va – Pairing and Counters

There are plenty of heroes in Overwatch 2 who work well in pairs with D.Va. Some of these are Zarya, Mei, Sombra, and Ana.

Make these combos

  • Zarya: Zarya’s ultimate combined with D.Va’s ultimate will get you instant kills. As the gravity well pulls the enemies in one spot, the self-destruct can eliminate them simultaneously, even allowing you to wipe entire teams with one ultimate.
  • Mei: Similar to what Zarya’s ultimate will do for you, Mei’s ultimate, Blizzard, which slows and freezes enemies, can be used in combination with D.Va’s self-destruct to get easy kills.
  • Sombra: Sombra’s hack combined with D.Va’s boost and micro missiles can be a deadly combination. If used properly, the combo can easily take down tanks with shields like Sigma and Reinhardt.
  • Ana: While D.Va is off pushing enemies back, she needs support from behind, and which better hero than Ana? Ana can use her sleep dart to block any flank toward D.Va and further heal her using her biotic rifle. Moreover, if D.Va’s health runs low, Ana can use her nano boost to increase D.Va’s damage and reduce the damage taken by her.
d.va pharah
Image: Overwatch

As for D.Va’s counters in Overwatch 2, make sure to stay away from airborne heroes like Pharah and Echo. While D.Va players can still manage to take down Pharah by using the booster and missile combo, coupled with the cannons, taking a hit from her teammates will be a task for D.Va. In addition, long-range players like Widomaker and Ashe can do continuous damage to D.Va.

Since her canons do not have a long-range, it will be difficult to take them down without getting your mech destroyed in the process. Lastly, skilled Genji players can also do a lot of damage to your mech by making it difficult for you to shoot them with Genji’s mobility and deflect.

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