How To Claim Free Games With Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon recently launched Prime Gaming for PCs in India. The service provides Amazon Prime subscribers access to various free PC games monthly. In this article, we will explain how you can claim free PC games and in-game content for major titles with Amazon Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime Gaming is essentially a revamped version of Twitch prime that offers free games on PC and a free subscription to one Twitch streamer every month. Along with free games, Prime members also get access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and free shipping on Amazon.

Free for all Prime Members

Users with an Amazon Prime subscription can sign up for the service immediately. However, they might need to download the Amazon Games app on their PC to install certain games. They will also need to link their account to other services such as EA, Epic Games, and Activision to claim free games and in-game content.

How to Claim Free Games with Amazon Prime Gaming?

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you must log in and claim your rewards. The subscription-based service is available in India at Rs. 179/month, Rs. 459/quarter, and Rs. 1,499/year. New users can also claim a free 30-day trial that can be canceled anytime within the month.

1. Go to the Amazon Prime Gaming website and sign in.


2. Select Activate Prime Gaming in the top right corner of the screen.


3. Claim a Free Game.


4. Download and install the Amazon Games App for Windows.


5. Open the app and log in to your Amazon Prime account.

6. Now, you can claim and install any game directly from the app.

How To Get Free In-Game Content With Amazon Prime Gaming?

1. Go to the Amazon Prime Gaming website and sign in.

2. Claim the content you want to grab.


3. Link your Amazon account to the respective storefronts (EA, Epic Games, and Activision).

4. After linking both accounts, go back and complete your claim.

5. Log in to your game and enjoy our new in-game content.

Note: If the game on offer is unavailable on the Amazon Gaming app, users can follow the above steps to claim the free game from a different storefront.

Go grab some free games every month with Amazon Prime Gaming. Let us know your thoughts on the subscription service in the comment section below.

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