Valorant Act Two Is Confirmed To End On October 13

Valorant Act Two End

Valorant Act Two is set to end on October 13, with ranked matchmaking going offline at 4:30 AM PT/5:00 PM IST. The end date and time were officially revealed by developer Riot Games on Twitter.

With the end of Act 2 announced, the Valorant community is now looking forward to Act Three, which will introduce new gameplay features to the multiplayer FPS.

What Does The End Of Act Two Mean For Players?

Valorant players have less than a week left to move up the rankings and unlock battle pass bonuses. If you have your eye on unlockable skin or other rank-based rewards, then it is best to grab them while there’s time.

Players will only be able to enter ranked matchmaking before the announced end time. If a match gets carried past the deadline, it will still unlock rewards based on the player’s match performance.

Although not officially confirmed, rumors suggest that Valorant Act Three will be released a few hours after the end of Act Two.

What To Expect From Valorant Act Three?

Before announcing the end of Act Two, Riot Games had also posted a cryptic image on Twitter, possibly hinting at Act Three. Fans decoded the image in no time and came up with various speculative theories.

A popular fan theory predicts the image is referring to a new winter map for the game. However, this seems unlikely as developers previously confirmed they would only bring a new map after the end Episode 1, which consists of three Acts. Since we are only close to completing Act Two of the first episode, there is still some time before we get a new map location.

In Act 2, “Killjoy,” a new playable character with new powers, entered the fray in Valorant. Keeping that in mind, the images more likely refer to another in-game character, probably with cold-related powers, rather than a new map.

All in all, Riot Games’ Act Three-related tease and subsequent Act Two announcement have made sure the excitement among Valorant players reaches a fevered pitch. It will be interesting to see exactly what the developers have in store for the players this time.

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