How Much Money Have I Spent On “League Of Legends” (LOL)?

how much money have i spent on league of legends

‘League of Legends’ is one of the most played games in the world.Itt has been a top-notch esports title for a long time and has thus garnered a loyal community of millions of gamers.

Given their commitment to the game, LOL players leave no stone unturned to get the best in-game experience possible. Sometimes, this means spending real money to purchase digital items.

To keep track of their expenditure, players might want to check their total spending and purchase history in the game. Below, we tell you how to see the amount of money you have spent in LOL till now.

How do I see my spending on ‘League Of Legends’?

To do this, you will need to access the desktop site, so make sure you are using the right platform. Also, this process will only show you the spending recorded for your current region. If you have spent money on the game while in a different corner of the world, that amount won’t show up here.

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. Hover your cursor to the “More” button near the top-right corner and click on “Support.”

3. Within the catalog of games, select “League of Legends.”

4. Scroll down and select the “League of Legends Basics” category.

league of legends support categories

5. Under the “LEAGUE GUIDES & FAQS,” click on “How Much Money Have I Spent in League of Legends?”

6. Next, click on “SHOW ME THE MONEY” to view the amount you have spent till now.

That’s how you can check the total amount of money you have spent on League Of Legends. For similar gaming articles, make sure to visit our dedicated section.

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