“One Piece Film: Red” New Trailer: Meet Shanks’ Daughter

One Piece Film: Red Is Now The Highest Earning Film In Japan So Far In 2022
Image Credit: Toei Animation

“One Piece Film: Red” is an upcoming anime film that takes place in the world of One Piece. The film is one of the more anticipated releases in anime this year, as it looks like the flick will focus on one of the fan-favorite characters of the series, Shanks.

For a while now, we barely had any info on the film barring a short teaser and a few visuals. But Toei has now released a proper trailer that shows off a bit of the film, unlike the other teaser. So without further ado, let’s check it out.

One Piece Film: Red trailer

The trailer starts with a scene between Shanks and the new character, who we now know as Uta. While talking to her, Shanks reveals that Uta is his daughter. After that, we get a bunch of scenes of various characters, including Luffy, Barthamelo, Cody, and even Fleet Admiral Akainu, with a few more scenes of Uta.

It seems to be the week of teasers of popular anime this week, as we had another one recently. A new teaser of “To your Eternity” season 2 came out, and the hype is real. If you’re into some emotional and tear-jerking anime, check it out.

What is One Piece Film: Red about?

"One Piece Film: Red" New Trailer: Meet Shanks' Daughter
Image Credit: Toei Animation

This is the fifteenth film in the One Piece franchise. All the films until now are grand adventures that our straw hats partake in, and it usually has no baring on the main story. But this new film might break the mold it looks like. While we already knew that the film would be centered around Shanks, no one could’ve expected it will be about his daughter.

The new character, who we now know as Uta, is revealed to be the Yonkou’s daughter, and the film’s promotional material all point to her being pivotal to the plot. Thus the film is now a must-watch for any and all fans of One Piece.

One Piece Film: Red Release Date

The film is set to come out in Japanese theatres on August 8, 2022. Although not announced as of yet, the film will be released globally later down the line.

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