“One Piece Film: Red” New Trailer: Why Did Shanks Leave Uta Behind?

“One Piece Film: Red” New Trailer: Why Did Shanks Leave Uta Behind?
Image Credit: Toei

“One Piece Film: Red” is the fifteenth film connected to the massively popular Shonen franchise One Piece. Now that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is already out in Japan, anime fans are now gearing up to see whether Luffy’s new flick can match up with Dragon Ball.

And to keep the excitement high, Toei has released another full-length trailer for the upcoming flick. It tells us a lot more about the plot, and there are even some very interesting details fans should check out. You can watch it yourself in the next section.

One Piece Film: Red New Trailer


The trailer starts with a sneak peek of the upcoming concert of world-famous singer Uta. Although we knew she was Shanks’ daughter, what’s surprising is that Luffy knew it already. Moreover, Luffy is the one to reveal this in the concert. The rest of the trailer shows off some big names like the Gorosei, Admirals, Big Mom Pirates, and more. Also, we see Shanks seemingly leave behind Uta on a burning island which Luffy says was to protect her.

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How is One Piece Film: Red?

“One Piece Film: Red” New Trailer: Why Did Shanks Leave Uta Behind?
Image Credit: Toei Animation

The film takes place on the mystical musical island of “Elegia.” On it, everyone has gathered for the first concert of Uta, a singer with an otherworldly voice. But that’s not all; she is also the daughter of the fan-favorite character “Akagami” Shanks.

Yonko Shanks has been one of the most influential characters on One Piece, who we barely know anything about. So it’s insane to think that his daughter will be revealed in a movie that is usually not canon. So fans should keep an eye on it as this might be the first canon One Piece film ever.

One Piece Film: Red Release Date

The film will be released in Japanese theatres on August 6, 2022. Moreover, the film will be released globally in the fall of 2022 after the August release by Crunchyroll.

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