Clubhouse Is Testing In-Room Gaming Feature

Clubhouse Is Testing In-Room Gaming Feature called Wild Cards
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Clubhouse revealed to Tech Crunch that it is indeed testing an In-Room gaming feature. The game will be called “Wild Cards” and will be an extension of the age-old Truth and Dare game. Clubhouse in-room gaming feature will be available to both iOS and Android devices soon.

What is Clubhouse in-room game feature?

Clubhouse rooms are audio-based chat rooms where participants can voice chat with each other. To add more spark to these conversations, Clubhouse will soon introduce the in-room game feature. The game would help kill the initial hesitation while talking to someone.

Clubhouse rooms for close friends could also use the game as a good way to kill time. Clubhouse elaborated more about the “Wild Cards” game to TechCrunch. The app description reads that it will be a modern implementation of truth and dare. Rather than coming up with exciting dares yourself, the game will offers cards with questions or dares. The questions will only be in English as of now. Participants will have to answer the questions and these could be time-bound.

Clubhouse Wild Cards game
Image: Clubhouse

Clubhouse also shared the expected questions to TechCrunch that users would face in the app. “For example, you may be asked to pitch your best idea for a movie or series in 60 seconds. Or, you may be asked to try to find a movie that the whole group loves in three minutes or less. Other questions may ask you to share the last five things in your search history or explain what type of dog matches your personality.”

How to play the new game?

To start the new Wild Cards game in Clubhouse, you need to tap the “+Rooms” button. Then you will notice the new Games option in the list. Next, you will enter a new room where there are no participants. You will need to invite your friends with whom you intend to play the new cards game. Then, tap on the start button to begin the Wild Cards game.

Clubhouse launched as an iOS-only app, that too via invite-only. Since then, it slowly branched out to Android devices too. Recently, it added a text chat feature like the one present in Discord. The feature lets you talk via text message in the voice rooms. Only time will tell, how much the Clubhouse users like the new Wild Cards game. There could be some other collaborative games in the launch pipeline too!

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