Nvidia GeForce Now Not Using RTX 2080 Ti SUPER GPUs

Nvidia Geforce Now GPU

A few days ago, Nvidia GeForce Now was introduced by the company. It is a streaming service from Nvidia that allows PC, Mac, and Nvidia Shield users to stream PC games like Tomb Raider and Batman Arkham Knight, right on their screens. The service was launched in the Beta version a while ago and has been free-to-use ever since. Nvidia also announced that GeForce Now will be coming to Android devices very soon.

Nvidia GeForce Now will require heavy GPU horsepower considering the number of smartphones furiously outnumber PCs and laptops on the market. Many were expecting Nvidia to use the RTX 2080 Ti SUPER considering its cost to performance ratio is quite good.

However, as it turns out, the graphics cards in the GeForce Now servers are performing worse than expected.

Nvidia GeForce Now Servers Are Using RTX-T10 8 GPU

Nvidia GeForce Now servers are equipped with a new TU102-based GPU known as RTX-10 8. According to a thread discussion about Nvidia RTX-servers, this GPU was confirmed to be powering Nvidia GeForce Now servers.

RTX-10 8 with 8 GB of VRAM, which is less than the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Super, is expected to launch this year. People were speculating that RTX-10 8 is RTX 2080 Ti when it was referenced in the AIDA 64 beta release. However, PCGamesn recently reported that Nvidia could launch the RTX 2080 Ti in 2019 but RTX-10 8 is a different GPU entirely.

GeForce Now servers using RTX-10 8 suffer from performance issues. The performance of this new card is worse than the older Nvidia Tesla-based P40 GPUs. Furthermore, the RTX-10 8 GPUs can’t provide Ray Tracing support because Windows Server 2012 doesn’t have Direct X 12.

Several users are speculating that the RTX-10 8 GPUs have been removed from the Nvidia GeForce Now server to fix performance issues.

Nvidia GeForce Now Early Reviews Were Positive

Reports from Gamescom 2019 revealed that the Nvidia GeForce Now is an amazing service. Putting aside this GPU issue, the GeForce Now streaming service has the potential to take on the upcoming Google Staida, which is another cloud gaming service.

Several esteemed reviewers praised the Nvidia GeForce Now at Gamescom 2019. Ryan Jones from TrustedReviews.com commended Nvidia for making GeForce Now possible. In his review of the game streaming service, he mentioned that a little input lag was noticeable during the gameplay.

However, it wasn’t big enough to history his gaming experience in any way. Just the fact that he can play Tomb Raider on his smartphone, left the reviewer amazed.

Nvidia GeForce Now is currently available in North America and Europe. The service is not yet available in India.

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