Did Motorola Troll Nothing Or Carl Pei Just Grabbed An Opportunity?

Did Motorola Troll Nothing Or Carl Pei Just Grabbed An Opportunity?
Image: Carl Pei/Twitter

Smartphone companies constantly give flack to one other. Whenever a new phone launches, manufacturers start trolling the competition either by comparison or simply calling out the incompetency of one another.

Similarly, Motorola’s social media team seems to have taken a jab at the newly entered Nothing brand. Although Nothing is just about 2 years old, it has showcased something of a marketing marvel. The company entered the consumer electronics market with its first product, Nothing Ear (1). And again made headlines for their recently launched Nothing phone (1).

What did Motorola say?

Did Motorola Troll Nothing Or Carl Pei Just Grabbed An Opportunity?
Image: Twitter Motorola

Motorola made a notorious tweet targeting Nothing while promoting their latest mid-range smartphone, Motorola edge 30. “When you get powerful features with a sleek and stylish design, there is Nothing you can complain about,” the company wrote.

Motorola clearly capitalized the ‘N’ on Nothing, which signifies a direct hit on the brand. If you think that’s just a coincidence, since ‘nothing’ is a generic word, notice the font on the poster. It is unmistakable going after Nothing.


But this begs the question of why would a 93-year-old company troll a new entrant in the market? Has Nothing struck enough fear with its lit back to give the incumbent phone-makers a stroke?

Does it fear Nothing as a competitor?

If Motorola’s aim was a generic troll, they’ve got it sorted. Since something like this gets people talking, and before you know it, there’s a whole conversation on Twitter. However, if Motorola’s sole purpose was to target Nothing, CEO Carl Pei’s reply suits them the best.

Carl Pei took the phrase ‘any publicity is good publicity’ quite seriously. After Motorola took a shot at Nothing, CEO Carl Pei grabbed the opportunity and replied in a sarcastic tone. “93-year-old brand paying respect to < 2-year-old brand 🙏,” he wrote.

Bottom line, Motorola considers Nothing a viable competitor in the budget premium segment. Although Motorola has been making smartphones for a while now, Nothing’s genius marketing strategies might just disrupt the market.

The Nothing phone 1 provides a unique premium design along with a decent set of features. However, you still need to know a few things before buying a Nothing phone 1. Do you think Nothing will become the best budget premium smartphone brand? Are companies like Motorola and Xiaomi under threat? Comment your thoughts down below.

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